Friday, January 29, 2010


So Cimarex closed early today due to large amounts of SNOW. Big huge pretty flakes falling for the last seven hours or so. It looks like we have four or five inches already and it's still going strong! I guess Spencer thought he wasn't get enough attention on this blog so without further ado:

He tried to make me promise I'd give him a back massage if he did it, but I'm pretty sure I never actually promised anything, he just wanted to be insane :).

He tried to get me to do, but I said no way! But it was pretty funny!!!

And plus now we have a huge snow angel in our yard! Which will promptly be covered up in exactly 10 minutes probably since the snow is falling so fast!!

And for Alisha: pretty pictures of the snow. I still think my camera takes better pics than the iphone, but when I went to change the batteries in my phone I realized it was the camera battery that needs changing, not the double AA's and by no way was I going to be able to convince Spencer to take me out again! We tried to go to the gym (which was closed) and it took us half an hour to go in a two mile circle and cars were skidding all over the place. Good old Oklahoma with it's lack of winter storm crews.

Okay I was trying to show how deep the snow was, but I'm not sure if this really does it justice. My lovely little ever green bush is not so happy right now! Good thing my pepper plants are happily in the spare bedroom waiting for spring :).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Cabinets!!! Goodbye good old civic . . .

Alright they are here!! And I have pictures!! And then a little reminiscing on the last three years with my cheerful little civic . . . just for Alisha :) and for everyone who's ever taken a ride in it with me.

Our beautiful new cherry cabinets! Okay this is the clearest picture I have because then my camera died and we resorted to phone pictures. I'll get clearer ones sometime this weekend if we're not snowed in. Which by the way is why I'm posting this at 3:15 in the afternoon! They closed our office early because we're supposed to get really bad weather here in the next couple of hours. Anyway that's my long explanation for all of you wondering why I'm posting during work hours :). The installation process begins!

From lots of different angles . . .

Okaky so these are out of order a little, but I knew you'd just skip down to the cabinet pictures anyway haha. Here is our new tile floor right before they started installing cabinets. They'll grout it after the cabinets are installed.

And Spencer admiring the work from the other angle. This is the same tile that's going to be in our washing room and also in the back sun room/breakfast nook. I can't wait! Goodbye awful linoleum and asbestos tiles! Bring on the easy to clean ceramic tiles!!

Oh and one more small change. Notice the door . . . anyone remember this door? Look oddly familiar? It used to be in the front of the house where the new window is covered up by siding and doing nothing but looking strange! So we moved it to the back and it's now the door between the master bedroom and the sun room! Notice all the new trim around the windows and the doors too (the reason why they haven't painted yet).

Okay so the sad part of my week. Last week we wrecked my car on the BA and then found out it would cost more to fix it then it was worth, so now Geico owns my civic and we're car hunting. Sadness. But here are some of my favorite memories from my first car!
- my all time favorite:
when I first bought the car I took it over to show the Knorr kids and Josh was out in the yard and wanted to be the first one to be in it, so I drove him around the block and he stuck his head out the moon window and screamed like a little girl, ha it made me smile
-driving along the beach with Alisha and Ange and Shannon at summer conference one night when we weren't supposed to be gone but we just needed to get out and smell the sea breeze and listen to some crazy music :)
-scaring evelyn with my bad driving skills while jamming out to Hilary Duff with all the windows open ha yes I am a closet fan, it's fun driving music :)
-driving to summer conference and back a few times, scaring everyone by driving angrily through the woods on what we later found out was just a walking trail, not made for cars haha
-driving out to look at stars in Owasso with Alisha only to find out it was cloudy so we had to sit in the car and just talk
-walking out of a QT and not knowing where my car was, realizing I had forgotten to put on the parking break and some random man had stopped it from rolling into a gas pump and exploding haha
-driving to Stillwater and back just for mexican or thai food
-running all the stop signs at TU on numerous occasions
-driving to Colorado and back with Dmac Spencer and Alisha, not sure I liked the endless hours of Lord of the Rings that much but whatever
-comparing our car to all the corvettes on corvette weekend in Eureka springs, trying to trade it with some people who might have been intoxicated haha it didn't quite work
-dropping it into fourth gear and totally whipping DMo's butt on the highway, but then again he did have too many speeding tickets and if he got another one he'd be going to jail so maybe he just chickened out, but for the record I still got to a higher top speed
-hitting over 100 on the turnpike because I had to pee so bad and then missing the first free exit!
Okay I think that's enough for now. Anyway I loved this car and I'm sad to see it go, but I guess I'm one step closer to that one series :).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Update

Okay so our car is officially totaled! Well almost officially, we're going to take it to a more ghetto body shop and see what they say, but if they say no way are we fixing it for less the 4 grand then we're off to searching for a new car. Probably a little pick up truck so we can work on the house and garden! Okay so I've been reading all about gardening and I might start taking classes to become a Master Gardener. Or basically OMG ~ official master gardener. Ha that just made me laugh when we came up with it.

Oh yeah and on the house, I told myself I'd stay away till tomorrow so I don't go crazy waiting for the kitchen to be installed! So tomorrow night you'll see pics of the progress!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Our cabinets come today!

Last night we went shopping for the knobs and pulls, harder than I thought! I think maybe I was just worn out and distracted by our loaner car:

Okay so I lied to those of you I told it was a PT Cruiser. Only slightly cooler I guess. Yep we crunched the front of our Civic into the back of someone's truck on the BA when the driver decided it was a good idea to completely stop on the on ramp instead of driving fast enough to merge. Sigh, we're waiting to hear what the damage is. But good news is our rental has more room for moving boxes to our new house! I'm trying to stay positive here :).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pictures Still Coming

Woah okay so apparently I'm behind in posting. All the things going on with the house are catching up to me and I'm forgetting to put up pics! Okay so I'll have to put the pics on tonight! But this week we're getting our trim put back up in the house and they're fixing all the outside trim and gutters and our cabinets are getting here on FRIDAY!! We're so excited! We went to look at it yesterday during lunch and it really made us just want to skip working and start moving in! Probably a little premature but that's how we felt :).

Edit: Okay here you go more photos for your enjoyment!

Our half old, half new trim!

Our newly installed movtivation to stay thin shower. Okay it's actually not that bad, it's just not super spacious :).

And lastly fixing up the bad spots in the outside trim before they paint all. Lucky contractors! It was fifty five and sunny out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wallls and Insulation and Paint Colors!

Alright! So the updates just keep coming at full speed now. Snow in the attic? Nope our new blown in insulation to keep our electic and gas bills down, although I'm still for using as much natural gas as possible! Ha had to add that one in :).

And our contractor has done it again! Instead of stressing us out with tile choices in the upstairs bathroom (the tiny one that we were having issues with earlier), he found us a unit that fits (granted after he removed the water pipe that had been in the corner making the room even more oddly shaped if that is possible!). Okay yes it's a little small, but it'll just be motivation to stay in shape so we can fit in the shower :).

And more new windows!! We decided to add a couple more to the back room since it's going to be a sun room/breakfast nook. It gets the eastern morning sun and it adds to our awesome view of downtown (well at least in winter when there aren't a bunch of leaves on the trees in the yard hahah).

And from the inside! Yes look at the lovely view of umm our trim and our unfinished shed. Ha ha I guess it'll give us motivation to work on the yard! One of my new year's resolutions is learning how to garden, so here we go: more reason to learn in 2010!
And just another picture of our beautiful walls and arches!! Also if you look closely in the front of the picture you can see the bottom layer of the floor for our soon to be AWESOME kitchen! Soon we'll have our tile layed and our cabinets in as long as we don't get some other random snow storm that stops them from shipping!

And . . . what you've all been waiting for . . . a really bad photograph of the colors that are going on our walls! Okay so I couldnt' figure out a good way to do this so you'll just have to use your imagination a little bit :). From left to right and top to bottom: back sun room, kitchen, front living room, trim (the little piece in the middle of the row), upstairs bathroom, upstairs room, dining room, hallway and guest bedroom, downstairs bathroom and master bedroom (don't worry it is blue even if it doesn't look like that in the picture haha).

And we picked out all our light fixtures! Pics coming soon . . . when I'm not falling asleep and needing to shower from the gym and getting distracted by the Colbert Report in the background on the TV . . .

Friday, January 8, 2010

Color Wheel Experts (okay maybe we will be!)

So this weekend's task: pick out paint colors for the whole house.

Okay I didn't think this would be too hard till I realized we don't have furniture for half of the rooms, so I have nothing to go off of! I guess we'll just pick neutral colors we like.

Also exciting news! Our kitchen cabinets are actually shipping EARLY! I know after this we'll think all renovations are a breeze. Yep instead of shipping at the end of January they're supposed to ship the 18th! So we might actually be done by the end of January like we planned! Now I know why I wasn't on HGTV, everything is going waaay to smoothly. Ha I probably just jinxed us. Oh well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Me gustan sus herramientos :)

Alright most important things first! You'll just have to wait to know the meaning of the post title for a few seconds, or you can scan ahead and cheat haha. Our new window ~ our contractor did a great job of matching the style of the old windows in the rest of the house while still managing to give us a beautiful new window!

From the inside looking out. Perfect for spying on the neighbors or making sure our future german shepherd puppy hasn't managed to weasle its way out of the yard. Ha ha.

And the moment we've all been waiting for . . . hold your breath . . . the drywalling has started! And is almost done already! The crew was in there for not even a day and a half and we had walls everywhere again!
Whoops almost forgot the other important part ~ the lovely insulation which is now underneath all the dry wall. You could already tell a difference in how warm the house was even though there was snow on the ground outside. No more cracks in the side with wind blowing through them giving you never ending sinus infections! Okay that was probably just a coincidence but I'm going to blame it on the cold.

Our reconstructed arches. Maybe not part of the original house architecture but it was like that when we bought the house so we decided to put them back again. Concession to our contractor, we will not be asking for crown molding around the arches :).

Okay these might be boring to most people, but we thought they were pretty cool ~ the stilts the dry walling crew used to put up the ceilings again. Yes our house is pretty much a walking circus all the time. I'm not sure much is going to change once we move in. Ha ha. Okay so the title of the post, I was thinking I should practice my spanish with our dry wallers. No I'm not stereotyping, they were speaking spanish when we walked in :). I thought it'd be funny to say me gustan sus herramientos but decided telling them I liked their tools could come out sounding really wrong hahaha.

More dry wall around our fire place and our new window! Can you tell I'm excited about this yet?

And random thing. So our contractor was trying to get us to get all new windows, but we told him no we like the old ones. He said alright but I'm telling you I've never seen a new window ice on the inside! He was right, all the upstairs windows were dripping on the inside when we went to check out the new dry wall. I still think they're prettier :).