Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Relief

Oklahoma was the hottest state ever on record for the month of July.

And today it is so beautiful outside I just want to sit on my front porch all day long and read. I think I might get pretty close to actually doing that :). I'm also making some banana muffins and I've got some red peppers and tomatos from the farmer's market I want to freeze, so it looks like I'll be periodically checking the oven in between my hours of reading and relaxing. I've just started (okay restarted) the Creative Class. It looks very interesting, but also very much like a college textbook, so we'll see how far I make it!

Do you ever feel like your brain is handicapped? Like you were designed to be able to process so much more than you actually can? Okay I know this is when you all go umm yeah duh the fall is a reality. I think it's just been really clear to me lately that my ability to process and to think through things and to dream is also crippled. I wish I had the energy and the knowledge to think through so many things and yet again my days are made up of limited hours and my brain is oh so limiting. Okay that's very abstract I know. Let's see if I can think of examples.

- I wish I had the time and energy and brain power to get a degree in city planning. I know random. But recently there have been lots of discussions about our neighborhood and how to build community and about pocket neighborhoods and minimizing the effect of cars and encouraging foot traffic and well basically I just wish I knew more about it all! Or at least had the time to learn about it.

- I wish I could understand people better. Understand what makes them upset, understand what makes them feel loved, what makes them laugh, how to help them be more creative, how to help them learn what their callings are in life (okay I wish I also knew all these things about myself haha).

- I wish I could cook healthy meals every day that would only take 5 minutes and no planning and that the food would magically grow in my garden haha.

Okay I know I'm longing for heaven. I think it's interesting how at different times in life you long for different parts of heaven. Sometimes you long for healing, sometimes for no more need, sometimes for no more sorrow, sometimes to see the people you love, and apparently right now I'm longing for a brain that isn't limited by the fall!