Thursday, October 25, 2012


You know those things blogger does to make sure you are a human and not a computer?  The little pass code things?  When I, an actual human, have to try three times to get it right because they are so cryptic and hard to read, something is wrong.

The machines are getting too smart for me.

And I should probably not blog at 8 am either ;).

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never More Devoted Sisters

First up this weekend would have been better with Amanda and Peter, just saying.  But don't worry Thanksgiving and the Turtle Rock festivities are just around the corner! Complete with (hopefully) weather that is more conducive for using the wrap around porch and the fire pits and the hot tub.  I. Can't. Wait.

Okay that being said this weekend was pretty fun.  Rach and her boyfriend Dan came up - okay more like across - for the weekend.  I love chill house guests who help you do the dishes and go grocery shopping and don't mind that you have no idea what you're making for dinner.  They got in town Friday night with plenty of time to eat a delicious pizza Spencer made with our homemade pesto before we headed out to watch the cards play (for the record I think we've already made 12 jars of pesto from our basil plants and you can't even see where I picked basil - so ridiculous!).  Go Cards!!  That game was so ridiculous!  And heart attack inducing!  Good thing DMac has cable and lives 20 steps away, so we could walk across the street and watch it in the comfort of our hoodies and socks - even though he was in Bentonville not Tulsa for the night haha.

In the morning, after some yummy breakfast and coffee, it was off to Porter, OK, the home of peaches.  We went to pick . . . wait for it . . . nope not peaches :).  We went to pick apples and pumpkins!  The apples were a no go, apparently it's too late in the season but we did find some lovely pumpkins.  We decided to be cheapos and skip the hay ride and just walk out to the pumpkin patch to find us some lovely gems.


Rokcy and Blitzy also had lots of fun laying around the yard and getting in mock dog fights all weekend long.  For the record Rocky is so chill and he loves sitting on your lap and cuddling.

Blitz however does not love sitting on your lap.  But it is pretty funny to try and get her to cuddle with you :).
After heading back from the pumpkin patch we hit up topeca and shopped around some little botique places downtown before heading home for bunches of football and some crazy weather!!  The boys wanted to make steaks and decided it was still feasible to grill them outside even though you could barely see through the rain to the garage!  

Rach and I opted for staying dry inside and making this awesome pie from some apples we got at the pumpkin patch (you could buy them just not pick them haha).  Our dinner turned out so, so delicious.  Steaks marinated in this awesome sauce we saw on a cooking show, grilled corn on the cob, and yummy potatoes roasted to perfection with spicy mustard and garlice.  And of course the pie :).

Today after church we just all sat around on the front porch and chilled.  It was so, so beautiful.  75 and sunny and breezy.  And the company was delightful.  Once they headed back to Arkansas we took our crazy not lap dog to walk by the river and then it was home for a delicious breakfast for dinner with David and Kat and David, complete with pumpkin pancakes topped with delcious apples and maple syrup and whipped cream.  Yum Yum.  I'd call that a pretty good weekend :).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bring on the Chilly Bumps

Yes Alisha that's for you :).

It feels like fall - like yesterday we had on our air conditioning, and today I'm kind of wishing the heat were on! Instead I'm just enjoying all things fall.  Like wearing my Uggs even though it's only 47 out and getting a new pair of boots! My old ones were pulling apart from the soles, and they only cost 19 dollars so I don't feel too bad about replacing them :).  And that was all before 11 this morning!  I also drank a lovely irish cream latte and about licked the cup it was so delicious, but since I was at an establishment instead of my house and I was with friends from work I refrained haha.  Then it was off to the post office and grocery store which stressed me out - too many people shopping on Saturdays!  So I headed home to finish baking some pumpkin snickerdoodles I had started last night.  Guys, these cookies are so, so yummy.  And now we're sitting watching football and eating cheezit duos while Spencer waits for the dough to rise on a batch of homemade cinnamon roles.  I'd call that a pretty good saturday.  Ooo and we still have thai food to look forward to tonight at Libby's bday party!!  Man I am spoiled and apparently my life most definitely revolves around food :).  I guess there are worse things life could revolve around haha.

I really need to switch over my drawers so that they aren't full of shorts and tank tops, but right now the couch is feeling pretty good and looking at fall outfits on pinterest is calling my name.  Oh and I also started cleaning out the attic - that might have to get finished another day too ;).  I have for the record changed some of my candles from coastal se blue to a fall cinnamon color.  That's about as far as I've gotten in saying goodbye to summer.
Oh and I almost forgot GO CARDS!!!! :)