Monday, December 9, 2013

Last Night

So last night we were about to fall asleep, and we hear this popping noise, like someone dropping something on the floor over and over.  It was pretty loud and sounded like it was coming from the attic so I'm a little creeped out and make Spencer get up to check what it was.  So I'm laying in bed wondering if I forgot to lock the doors and I hear Spencer laughing!

We have mice.  I already knew this and had bought traps yesterday but hadn't put them out yet and apparently our friendly mice had found the bowl of dove chocolates up on top of the end table and were throwing them off the side of the table and dragging them back across the room to their home in the fireplace cracks.  Seriously?!

So beware our chocolate bowl, you may find one the mouse thought was a tasty snack :).

I guess it's just more motivation for us to get on the healthy eating kick a little early.  More on that later, but I'll just leave you with this:

Noah thought my kale leaves were so cool he ripped them up.