Friday, March 23, 2012

Time To Soak Up Some Sun

So this week has been entirely meeting free. And it was awesome. Everyone was gone on Spring Break (yes I know we are all adults, but most of them have kids, so they have an excuse to take a week off. Someday maybe I can use that one. My dog needs to spend a week with me doesn't go over so well haha). At first I thought it would be really boring, but instead it was really helpful. I get so much done when I don't have to jump from meeting to meeting and project to project every twenty minutes. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not!

We are finally planting fruit!! It's been on my resolutions list for almost three years now, so it's about time we get on it! Last year we bought a blueberry bush but failed to plant it. I was indecisive about where to put it :). This year we bought two blueberry bushes (apparently two varieties next to each other grow better. Spencer thinks it's a marketing ploy hah) and two raspberry bushes. We were going to plant them last night but then the directions said to soak the roots in water over night, so we made a MESS.

Hopefully Spencer is planting them right now :). I'm off to yoga!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Favorite Things

Okay it's been another long week at the office. A bunch of coworkers are leaving next week for spring break trips to the mountains or to the beach, but we are staying here for now. So in order to not feel quite so gloomy or overwhelmed by my to do list, I've decided to make a list of some of my favorite things in the last few weeks.

1. Yoga - I used to think it was overrated and too slow paced, but as my coworker said "yeah I think I would pay 30 bucks to lay on a mat somewhere." Okay it's really not just laying there, it's a pretty tiring workout, but it's also so relaxing and my back and shoulders feel so much less tense after it. Try it :).

2. Fruit and brie on salads - I've been bringing salads to work a bunch and adding whatever fruit I get for the week from this co-op I get produce from and it has been delicious! So light and fresh and it never gives you that mid afternoon nap time feeling (you know the Mexican induced coma haha).

3. Our window seat! I'm still looking for the right fabric for a cushion, but it just makes the room look so much more balanced!

4. Topeca lattes - umm I may have gone more than once in a day this week. Yeah I told you it was a bad week! Okay really I think I've hooked all my coworkers on it and now they fight over who gets to get coffee with me. It's pretty funny :).

5. Wearing shorts!! Yep you read that right :). This afternoon I wore shorts while we walked to the dog park and it was awesome. 80 in March is totally fine with me.

6. Community group and women's Bible study. This semester has been good. Lots of discussions on how marriage feels so unnatural sometimes and lots of "oh my goodness that happens to you guys too?" kind of moments. Also lots of pinteresting and talking about babies. I don't mind listening :). I'll be all informed someday when we take the plunge.

7. Colorful skinny belts. And colorful pants . Yep I've happily joined the craze.

8. Puppies. And no we did not get a new dog, I just got to hold a friend's new golden and it was precious. And, also way calmer than Blitz ever was :). Gotta love my fiesty, dominant dog haha.

Okay time to frost some cupcakes.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Farmer's Tans

Last week was a long, hard work week for both Spencer and I. Too many things to be done, too little time, too many people making work harder. So, we decided to sneak off for a three day weekend for a little time away from the computers and the phones and the two month long to do lists (yes now it's not just a month long to do list, it's a two month long to do list!!).

We had a bunch of recommendations for this place called Big Cedar Lodge outside of Branson. Since the recommendations did not all come from 65 year olds with a soft spot for musicals, we decided to try it out :). It was beautiful!!

There were these really pretty cascading falls throughout the whole place and it was just really peaceful and relaxing. Throughout the week I had been checking the weather and was bummed because it was supposed to rain a bunch. I mean, I like to curl up with a good book and listen to the rain too, but I was really wanting to soak up some sun!

Turns out it was sunny and gorgeous on Friday and Saturday!! So yep, we sat outside and read books and drank coffee (okay that was the one not so great part of the trip. The latte was not so bueno. I took the lid off my cup and all I could see was white foam haha). And . . . we got farmer's tans!!! We both sat facing one direction for so long that we both had really red left arms by the end of Saturday. Well red except for the spot where Spencer's watch was ;). Yeah for the first tan of the year!

We had lots of time to talk and take walks around the grounds, oh and a pretty long hike/wash around table rock lake and up to the dam. It was just so, so nice outside. Definitely an answer to my prayers throughout the week for sunny weather.

Mom, this one's for you: pretty tree alert!! ;) The dogwoods are in full bloom right now and they are so gorgeous. Okay in case you can't tell I really, really eat up blue skies and sun :).

Ha, this picture just made me smile. Sporting the neighborhood pride! Speaking of which, we might be getting another set of friends moving in the neighborhood! Apparently something about TU must have made all us want to live in the same type of neighborhood. Either that or we are just awesome haha.

Alright, my brain is finally telling me the time change is real and going to bed at midnight on a Monday night is probably not the best way to stay destressed in light of a two month to do list!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

So this weekend I hung out with my little and her bf. They had just had baby goats!! So so so cute. They were only a day old!

I really, really want want, but unfortunately not legal at my house, so for now I'll just have to dream about having a baby goat. And yes I do know they don't stay babies for ever, but come on!!! Look how cute :).

Ahhhhhh! Okay enough of the cuteness haha.

On to other news, we've been hard at work on our window seat. Okay again Spencer's done more than me, but I have actually done some painting :).

We have to let the doors and the trim all dry but then we can put it back together and start shopping for fabric and pillows :). Woo hoo!!!

I can't wait to sit in the window and read. Oh yeah I need to get on that reading list! Any suggestions? Right now I'm reading "Raising Emotionally Secure Children in an Insecure World" (and no we're not having a kid, just researching haha) and "Putting the Amazing Back into Grace." I think I need something a little lighter to read next :).