Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's Christmas break!!

I feel like I've been looking forward to this for a long time, okay at least for the last two weeks.  It's been crazy here in t-town this month, and by that I mean we are really blessed with community here - a community that likes to party!  First we had my work party at the convention center downtown, complete with the awkwardness that comes from being one of the only people not drinking.  I'm sorry but my personal bubble hadn't shrink that night, even if everyone else wanted to be right in my face telling me congratulations haha.  Then we had small group get togethers, dinners with work friends, dinners with TU friends, dirty santas in the office complete with a marshmellow launcher gun, an awkward neighborhood punch and cookie party with all the old folks fighting about the bilaws of our association (and they wonder why no young people come to the meetings?!!), a guy's night of drinking beer to celebrate all the babies being born in the spring (the count is up to five I think within our close group of friends at church!!!), a girl's wine night to just celebrate wine and friends (don't worry the hostess was kind enough to make delicious prego drinks for all of us non wine partakers), and that doesn't even the include the night we had three parties and decided to skip them all to go on a date, eat steak and burgers (no I didn't eat both!!) and finally watch Skyfall, which by the way was wonderful.

It's been a fun couple of weeks.  And today . . . well we are cleaning!  And nesting haha.  Okay so apparently we both have the urge to get rid of all the stuff we have lying around the house that we don't need.  Maybe it's being spurred on by baby coming or maybe by the fact that Spencer is building new closets for us in the room we'll be moving into so we can convert our room to the nursery (ahhh so weird), but either way it's been satisfying.  We've spent this morning cleaning out our current closets and making giant piles for good will, the trash, and then a pile of, man I hope we know someone who is this size because these things are barely worn or still have tags on them!  Amazing what you find when you dig through the backs of your drawers. 

Also I've been going through my clothes and putting away what I probably won't be able to wear until little munchkin gets here.  Yep the fun has started :).  Okay I thought it was going to just feel like putting on 10 pounds, but this is weird!  It's like someone is inflating a balloon inside me and my insides have to stretch to accomodate the changes, such an odd feeling!  In other baby news, in case you haven't heard, it's a BOY.  And we are both relieved haha.  I don't think either of us was prepared to have a girly girl complete with bows and tutus and barbies.  Don't get me wrong I think they are adorable, but we both are really excited about a little man in our house.  Plus I mean all the nursery stuff I looked at that I liked was blue, so this will just make everything easier.  And I much prefer crazy loudness to drama.  I know, famous last words :).

Okay I'm off to prenatal yoga.  No time like the present to acknowledge the fact that I am in fact having a baby and at some point running and rock and roll yoga complete with lunges and planks is probably not going to be feasible.  I'm going to keep trying though!  Until I feel completely miserable or I just can't do any poses due to my giant belly haha.

Hope you are all enjoying a slower pace of things for a few days at least.  Merry Christmas!