Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Joy of Driving

It's fall!! I'm sitting out on my porch with Blitzy and it's seventy and blue skies and pretty much ridiculously nice outside. I'm trying to not think about the fact that soon it will be dark as soon as I get off work. So here's my list of things I like about fall to keep me from thinking about the fact that fall means winter is coming :).

- pumpkin spice lattes
- my new found love of soups (haha yes mom I know you told me so, but I still don't like bean soup!!)
- the fact that our garden is still putting out tomatoes and jalapenos and basil and egg plant and even bell peppers! hopefully it wont' freeze before some of them are ready, or maybe i'll just find a recipe for fried green tomatoes :)
-getting to burn the chimnea and sit out on the porch
-wanting to take blitzy for walks again since it's finally nice out again and not 115 degrees haha
-and last but not least, getting to drive with the windows down and the sun roof open and blaring music without feeling totally ridiculous (because let's be honest I still do this when it's 95 out, it's just not nearly as enjoyable haha)

So what do you guys think? Any new found loves during the fall season?

Okay so most of you probably know this by now but we got a new car!!! Which takes the cruising around in the nice weather to a whole new level!! Check out Spencer's new car:

Yep it's pretty ridiculous and I feel a bit out of my league every time I get to drive it, but it is AWESOME!!! And I never thought I would actually get to have one sitting in our driveway so it's even more AWESOME!! Ha can you tell it makes me feel like a little kid :). I am now getting to enjoy the Joy of Driving. Okay unless you a BMW stalker like me that probably means nothing to you, but it makes me smile.

So you should all come visit us and we'll take you for a ride and buy you pumpkin spice lattes and umm make you soup :). Okay enough talk about pumpkin spice lattes I think I'm going to go get one and sit outside and read!