Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helllo From the Land of Extremes

So random trivia of the day, Tulsa has had a 90 degree temperature swing in the last week! -10 degrees (and this was real!! my car said -4 when I got in it last wednesday morning!!) to 80 degrees this afternoon. And let me tell you I am loving the balmy weather!! In fact I love it so much I haven't wanted to be on my computer to blog :).

But I'm excited today because I got these sweet green pillows, for a super good deal at target! So after two snow days of looking for pillows and coming up empty handed I finally found some when I was back at work last week taking a mini break from the world of petroleum engineering. Which by the way XEC stock hit 114 bucks! Okay you probably don't care but that just makes me smile :).

So on to the pillows, here you go. Except for maybe hanging something on the wall behind the chair, I'm done decorating the bedroom!! Woo hoo one year later and I have one room done, ha this is going to be a lifelong project I think :).

And no I don't only take pics of the dog, but somehow she always seems to be where I am haha!

Alright well I'm off to the StL this weekend to see Brooke and Travis and their cute kids and to see Alisha and my parents! And Rach at least I think ha we've both been last minute about this! And best part is I'm taking a half day so I'll get to drive through the sunshine listening to the Taylor Swift CD Spencer gave me for vday (he also got me tickets to her concert!!!). And yes I admit it I'm still 15 at heart, what can I say :).

Okay enjoy the sunshine and 80 degrees while it lasts!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow day number 4!!

So we're working on day number four of being snowed in our house and I'm about out of ideas for how to spend my time. Oh but first my exploits from yesterday :). So Spencer's been working from home the last four days so I've been entertaining myself. So yesterday I decided to shuffle the driveway in the morning. So here's how it looked when I started:

So I shoveled for two straight hours which actually was really nice because I finally felt warm for the first time in a couple days! Four layers of clothes plus 18 inches of snow equals a pretty good sweat ;). Okay sorry TMI. Then we decided we'd try to get the truck out to see if we could drive around the neighborhood (our rabbit has too low of clearance to go much of anywhere in 18 inches of snow!). So we pulled the rabbit out . . . and got it stuck in the road and had to dig it out. Then we pulled the truck out . . . and got it stuck in the road annd had to dig it out. Ha ha seeing the pattern? So somewhere in the midst of all of this Blitzy managed to push the gate open and was frolicking around in the snow. And getting way to close to the cars while we were trying to get them to move. So we dumped her here:

ha ha yep, in the back of the truckbed full of snow :). After another 30 minutes of digging our cars out all we managed to do was get them back in the driveway in the exact same places they were before we dug them out! Hence snow day number 4 because we still can't get out of our neighborhood. And I can't get on to the network either so it's day 4 of figuring out what to do with myself. Ha silly little dog!

So, so far here's what I've managed to do the last couple of days:

- do laundry

-do dishes (my gosh you make a lot of dishes dirty when you can't leave the house!!)

-unthaw the kitchen pipes with a hair dryer (okay really Spencer did this 2 1/2 times and I did it 1/2 a time haha I was too short to reach the place where it was frozen in the basement

-do taxes
-walk the dog three times, once to QT to get essentials like DP and chips and candy haha -find Blitzy a dog training class

-read a book on poverty in the inner city

-did Bible study for Monday night

-did a workout while watching HGTV haha (I had to keep myself occupied!!)

-watched a bunch of bones episodes

-cleaned the kitchen

-worked on a plan for a trip to Switzerland this summer!!

-shopped for decorative pillows (unsuccessfully!!)

-did a little baking (but now I'm out of butter)

-tried not to go completely crazy!!

-checked a bunch of blog posts on house stuff, which isn't very interesting when you are snowed in with no supplies and no way to go shopping! well except for online which I decided I already despise.

-hung out with the Moores :). It has seriously made it so much more bearable to be snowed in because we just walk over to their house and hang out with them and make margaritas and play life and watch more bones and eat tacos haha sounds like what we normally do with them

So basically I'm about out of ideas for what to do with myself. I think I'm going to do a little more reading, do another workout, email Alisha and umm walk the dog again :). Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Number Two!

I forgot to tell all of you that we've moved to Montana. Ha just kidding, but you'd think I wasn't kidding if you could look out my window!! We've been officially snowed in for two days now and honestly I'm not sure when we'll be able to get the little VW rabbit out and about again. I think we got 18 inches of snow, not to mention all the drifting and the clearance on our car is umm about 6 inches. And Tulsa's road crews are nonexistent. I think maybe the highways have been cleared. We asked the neighbors about the last bad storm a few years ago and they said it was pretty much all there till it melted!!

Besides the fact that I'm not sure when we'll be able to dig ourselves out, it has actually been really relaxing and really beautiful. I took Blitzy for a walk this morning and it was just breathtaking. Everything was clean and bright and the air just smelled fresh and clear if that makes any sense at all. Ha there's a reason I wasn't a poet :). I think I'll just shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

Snow Dog!! And yes I know she's not a leash, but really how far is she going to go? :)

Our lovely buried house.
I couldn't resist :).
Okay so maybe she could get a ways away haha. She can fly through the snow like crazy!!

The handsome hubby in the twighlight last night.