Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little Time to Think

So this weekend we celebrated our anniversary and took a little road trip to Kansas City in the boss's Mercedes :). Driving in that car definitely makes you feel cooler but also a bit ridiculous when you step out of it. I kept expecting people to ask if we were borrowing our parent's car for the weekend! I was supposed to take pics of the trip on my bday camera to get in practice for our Switzerland trip since I won't be taking the old ball and chain (translation: work owned iphone haha) with me. I took exactly zero pictures. So looks like I'll just have a trial by fire haha. Or I'll have no pictures of our trip which would be HORRIBLE. I'm sure the mountains and lack of phone will inspire me to use it once we get there :).

Anyway, so we basically did what we would have done in Tulsa, but somehow it's so much more enjoyable when you know you can tell people you'll be out of town and unreachable for the day. We ate yummy mexican after walking around for an hour trying to find a less shady mexican resturant. Turns out the shady looking one was delicious and one of the best ones in town! We watched HGTV house hunters international (okay we don't do that at home because we have no cable haha), slept in (which was awesome!! I mean we love Blitzy but she loves 6 am on Saturday mornings alot more than we do!!), went to the City Market where we picked up some yummy looking peaches and mushrooms and grabbed breakfast at a diner, hit up the Broadway coffee shop, drove through some super nice historic neighbors looking at people's landscaping, ate some more mexican at Chipotle and then did some shopping in a fancy pants part of Kansas City, like our Mercedes was one in a million kind of fancy shopping! Okay I'm not sure you would call it shopping haha. We walked around Crate and Barrel for over an hour just thinking about ideas for house and left with nothing. We walked in and out of a bunch of clothing stores and bought nothing and actually the only thing we bought the whole weekend was some fancy tangerine flavored balsamice vinegar that is going to make some amazing salad dressing!!!

So yeah the weekend was nice and relaxing and we got to talk about all kinds of things and dream a little about what we want to do with our lives. No answers yet, just thinking :).

Okay so I did take some pics this week of a sweet garden feast we had with the neighbors and Dmac!! First Spencer made some fresh spicy pesto from all the basil growing in our garden. And it was delicious!! I can't wait to use the leftover pesto on some pasta :).

Then we also made a salad from our fresh lettuce and cucumbers.

Then we finished it off with some yummy fresh squash. Oh and some fish and scallops that were not from our garden :). Okay this is not a picture of the actual squash we ate, but you get the idea haha.

Okay one other random thing, ha I guess I should post more often so my posts aren't so rambly and random :). We started doing the insanity workout a week ago!!! Okay you should just google it. It's a really intense 60 day workout video series that is all plyometrics and crazy jumping and millions of pushups and well let's just say after every workout we have to sit on the couch and recover for awhile afterwards!! We took before pictures, but I am not posting those ;). If we turn out with six packs and dropping 30 lbs a piece maybe we'll post some tasteful after pictures haha.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Tale of the Rabbit

Ha the pun in the title is making me laugh to myself. Okay so this Friday night we were driving home from wedding number six I think (I'm starting to lose count!). We were cruising down 75 when all of a sudden a deer attacked our rabbit!! Spencer swerved to try and avoid it, but it still managed to run straight into the side of our poor little car, which now looks like this:

Thankfully neither of us were hurt, just more than a little shocked. Also thankfully we didn't hit anyone else or go flying off the road. So pretty much it could have been way worse. But still the whole side of our car is all smashed up!! And the front mirror is useless! We'll see what they estimate the damage too when we get it appraised later this week. It's totally drivable but it looks awful :( .

On a happier note the 95 degree weather we've been getting early this year has been making our garden go crazy with happiness. Oh wait maybe I'm the one crazy with happiness when I see all these little healthy beauties growing in our yard haha. I'm sure if you had to grow your food for a living it would be much more stressful but I still think I would have loved to have lived 100 years ago and watch my food grow all spring and summer long. I guess I'll just expand my garden a little every year :).

We've got a whole bunch of squash:

This baby I finally picked today and I can't wait to eat it!

We've got a bunch of cajun bell peppers that we think are ready to pick but no one is really sure haha. They definitely aren't the size of normal bell peppers but they don't look like they are getting any bigger either. So we'll probably be making some fresh salsa soon!! Woo hoo!!!

Well actually maybe not so soon. We had these lovely 3 almost ripe tomatoes growing in our beds and I was so excited to pick them today and get to try our first ripe produce. Well besides a few snap peas I've eaten for snacks haha. But then someone stole them!!!! One was stolen three nights ago and then the other two were gone when I went out to look at them this morning!!! Sadness and woah. I'm sure someone enjoyed them but I wanted it to be us!!

So I guess we'll be waiting till some of the others ones ripen to enjoy fresh salsa. Till then we'll be discussing security measures for the garden ;).

Edit: My faith in humanity is restored haha. Our neighbor picked them because he noticed one had split and ants were starting to get in it. He nicely brought them over yesterday afternoon along with some ribs and potato salad and a bunch of rib bones for Blitzy!! Man we have the nicest neighbors!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Memorial Day Rest

So this weekend we took a much needed little trip to the lake with our neighbors. We soaked up sun and watched the dogs play and talked about life and drank cheap beer and roasted marshmallows and I did lots of reading because I'm not so good at sitting still and doing nothing haha. I'm working on it okay! It did make me want it to be July though! Where we could be sitting and drinking coffee, looking at the mountains from our Swiss chalet. Okay okay I'll stop rubbing it in :).

So we went up to the lake on Saturday evening but the whole place was booked! Instead we hit up Spencer's parents last minute for a place to crash and cook our camp food. It turned out to be really nice to just get to chill at their house and get to sleep in the airconditioning and shower, I know , I know we are whimpy :). It also meant in the morning we got to sit in the coffee shop and chill and read and then I got my bday present early after a spur of the moment to Best Buy to check out their sales!! Woo hoo Spencer got me a new digital camera so I can take lots of sweet pics of our trip to Switzerland. So I tried it out some this weekend :).

First on our babies haha chilling out in Spencer's parent's backyard.

And then on some lake shots. Haha chico george loved the water! He would start paddling before he even got to the water :).

Okay alot more has been happening in life besides our trip to the lake, but I'll have to blog on that another time. My brain is too worn out from being on the computer all day everyday!!!