Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Latest Fashion

So I know you guys really want to know all about my day job.  Well here you go.  I get to wear sweet outfits like this:

Boo yah.  FRC is only for the coolest people out there.  Make that hottest.  Even at 80 degrees out I was sweating ridicuously and the field guys were laughing that I had such heavy gear.  Yep, yesterday I left the office and hit up the field and it was awesome.  No computer.  80 degrees and sunshine.  Meeting the field guys and having them say, oh your the girl we email reports to.  Yep that's me.

Our million dollar frac equipment.  Really ridiculous how much machinery is out there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And just in case you aren't bored yet :), here's a picture of them tripping into the hole with our new gas lift equipment.  We pretty much timed it perfectly to actually get to see the equipment.  Usually it's sit around all day and wait for four minutes of looking at interesting equipment. And yes I know interesting is in the eyes of the beholder ;).

Alright there you go.  Part of my day job :).  And yes I know now you all want hard hats and jump suits.  Don't worry I will loan you mine haha.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Small Steps

It's been a long couple of weeks at work.  Lots of trying to figure out how to fill the days with useful things.

At our house though we've been busy little bees! Here's just a few of the things we've been up to.

- The back room is almost completely cleaned up!  All of Spencer's stuff is out in the garage! It's been two years in the making but I almost have the sun room back to actually use as a sun room!  Okay overkill with the exclamation points I know :).  All that's left back there is our stacks of stuff our moms have brought us from when we were little, the shop vac (which won't fit in any of the closets - I need to figure out a solution to that because if it goes in the garage I will never vacuum.  It's a pretty rare occurence already!), and Blitzy's crate.  I'm pretty pumped about figuring out how I want to decorate it.

- Our rose bush is back and in full force.  It's in between blooming extravaganzas right now, but a few weeks ago it looked like this and was smelled delicious!

- We've come up with a plan for the backyard.  Don't hold your breath.  It could be (okay probably will be) years before we get to it all, but it's a pretty sweet design.  New fence.  New patio.  New driveway complete with basketball hoop.  Outdoor furniture.  Planter boxes.  Grill.  You get the idea :).  We decided to just dream big for now and scale back as necessary.  Notice we did refrain from putting an outdoor kitchen complete with mini bar haha.

-  We made a new budget.  We spent all our food money in 13 days.  We decided to clear out our pantry and freezer to avoid going way over the budget (okay we had to go over a little, no food buying for 2 weeks is a little impossible!).  It's made for some interesting meals :).  So far nothing has been too odd, but definitely some creative side dish choices haha.

- We had mac and cheese for the first time since getting married almost four years ago (wow time flies).  Not sure if this is an accomplishment or not haha.

- We're starting to count the days till our beach vacation!  Bring on the pina colada and seven days without a computer screen anywhere near my face.  Is it weird that I hope they have yoga at the resort? Haha I'm officially addicted.  Spencer's okay with it thought, considering it reduces my stress level :).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

13 Years Late

I can reach my toes.

On a regular basis.

Okay I'm 13 years too late for the presidential fitness test, but I can do it!!

Thank you yoga.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Happenings

It's been a busy couple of weeks here in T Town. Lots of lovely house guests :). Which means lots of good conversations, laughter, food, wine, reminiscing, and wishing friends and family didn't live so far away. Not much cleaning or running errands though. There's dog hair everywhere and I found a bill we never paid. That's pretty unorganized for muah, but it was totally worth it. Good thing they didn't shut off our electric when it was 90 out . . . in March!!

So just some random funny stories from the past few weeks. Ange got married! (not the funny part btw that part was so awesome and she was so beautiful!). I knew the bridesmaids were wearing green, but it was also St. Patty's day. So I asked Alisha if my dress was too close to the bridesmaids' color and she said I was safe. Wrong. Pretty much the exact same color. A random relative definitely came up to me and gave me a side hug and asked how I was before Ange's mom noticed and said wrong person and they awkwardly moved away. I took it as a compliment :). I mean the Ramey sisters are a pretty awesome bunch! And don't worry Alisha I'll still take fashion advice from you ;).

Fast forward two weekends. My parents were in town chilling with us and my dad decided he wanted to run in the Luchador run with Spencer. And yes that is an angry birds hat (?!!). Kill that pig!! The back of dad's shirt said "beware the machinist, he'll get you with precision." They say you marry someone like your dad right? Haha. Apparently goof ball was a qualification for Jenny's future husband :). Somehow I worded that wrong. Current husband? That sounds wrong too, you know what I mean :).

Okay this isn't funny really, I just like my dog :). I tied her up outside the gate while I planted the garden beds (which by the way what I thought were tomatoes are most definitely a million grass seddlings!! but at least my lettuce looks good so far ha). She stood guard and barked at everyone who passed and tried to dig up my seeds which just made me laugh. Sidenote: she got out last week and did dig a giant hole in one of the beds before we caught her!! Sneaky little dog! The other bed had paw prints :).

Okay so the last funny story happened last week. A friend from work and I go most days to Topeca to get lattes in the morning after we read our emails. Spencer gets his coffee later in the day so we don't often go in together (yes this is an important part of the story I promise). One particular morning my friend and I were talking to our favorite barista about when we all got engaged (he was all cheery even though it was monday and when we asked him why he said he got engaged on a Monday so it was bound to be a good day haha). The other barista working looked at me and said, "you got engaged?! congratulations!" We all bust up laughing! I told him actually Spencer and I have been married almost four years and he couldn't believe it. He said he thought he had been watching a coffee shop romance unfold. It made my day. Apparently Spencer and I still look young and in love and apparently not old enough to be old married people :). Hopefully we can keep it up for years to come!