Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathroom Finished!! (Okay not quite, but close)

Okay these are kind of dark, but we finally worked on the upstairs bathroom! We decided no shower door because they are waaay too expensive. Okay so really my little helped me pick all this out, so we had a fun little adventure shopping the racks at Target and then trying to figure out how to get the hooks on the shower curtain(actually my little figured it out, my brain was too dumb to hang it up right haha). I figured we needed some fun color up in this room because it's so small, and I love it!

I'll put up pics of the other side and the window once I get the medicine cabinet painted. We found an unused one while we were cleaning out the shed so now all I need to do is spruce it up, hang it up, and then the bathroom will be fully functional for all our out of town guests next weekend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

White Trash for the Better Good

So we have this little old shed in our backyard. It used to be umm well we aren't really sure. Maybe a small apartment? Maybe a garage? Maybe a workshop with a bathroom? Who knows but it is definitely in need of repairs! So Spencer has started on it because the table saw in the sun room is just not really a permanent solution ha. Although for now it is not really bothering me which is more than a little amazing. I think it's because I never found whicker furniture I wanted, okay I found some I wanted, but nothing I was willing to pay for :), so in the meantime the room was empty anyway, so why not have it be a workshop for a bit. BUT only for a bit! Anyway so Spencer has started tearing down the plaster walls in the shed to make room for drywall and a new workshop!

Here's the other side of the shed that is still full of all kinds of stuff that was in our house when we bought it. Lovely old cabinets and doors and windows and beams and who knows what else that we might one day use.
There's only one small problem. In order to clean the shed and take down all the plaster, first he had to empty the shed! It's contents have been strewn across the backyard for the past week or so. So yes, we have become white trash for awhile so that we can eventually have a workshop and a nice yard with a new fence for our puppy to run around in!!!

Okay sadly, the two grills and two lawn mowers and bathtub have actually been in th yard for alot longer than two weeks :). I know, I know we are horrible. But it has been sooooo hot that I've had no motivation to do yard work! I still need to finish cleaning off the bricks so we can have a sweet patio, but again the heat has not been my friend. Okay I'm just lazy sometimes :).

So today some major progress was made! Most of what was in the yard that was just trash and things we no longer want has made it into the truck bed so we can take it to the dump!

Oh hurray for being able to see the grass :). We might yet still get there. Maybe it will be 90 again instead of 105 and we will want to work for more than 45 minutes at a time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We are getting a puppy!! They were born on Saturday and I'm so excited! Which if you know me is kind of a big deal because for the longest time I really, really didn't want a dog. But now I can't wait to get it! We're going to go pick out which one we want this weekend (we get first dibs because we paid up first haha) but then we have to wait 8 whole weeks to get Chancellor or Blitzy haha. Okay we haven't actually settled on a name yet, but those are the ones I like :).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Okay so since we moved in our house we've kind of had decorating our bedroom on hold becausee we were waiting on furniture, then we were trying to find a crate for a nightstand and then we were trying to find a shelf above the bed, all of which took way longer than expected, but it is finally coming together!

First a little reminder of what it looked like when we moved in:

Oh yes the lovely sheets for curtains and blank walls and haphazard furniture arrangement.

After tonight!!! Okay it's not completely finished but it's alot closer. We went in stages on this one, too expensive to do a room makeover in one day!! First we got the roman shades, then Spencer picked out the gray quilt at ikea and I picked out some prints and frames and baskets, then eventually (haha) the furniture came, then we tramped around Tulsa trying to find an antique crate and finally Spencer just decided to build one (more on that later), then I found a way on sale lamp at Pier One after seeing a million ugly or really expensive ones other places, and then we finally found a shelf we liked (which by the way home depot was the way to go on this, way cheaper for a bigger and sturdier shelf) and put it all together tonight:

I still can't get the pillows to lay flat, but whatever :). I think it would require ironing and well I think I've ironed twice since going to college so that is not happening. I love it! It just makes me want to lay in bed all day, ha this could be bad.

Okay and now for a little story on the crate. So yeah you might remember we drove all over trying to find a crate and finally decided we would just pick up crates from a hardware store dumpster and Spencer could build one for mostly free. We didn't pick up quite enough pallates :), so the home depot scrap lumber dept. was our friend also. So Spencer turned the back "sunroom" into his own little workshop, complete with a hole in the wall from where a wood piece went flying in the air and cut his hand and then punctured the wall, and built this lovely crate:

And ta da!! Okay this actually just primed, our real trim paint is on loan to our contractors who finally got our doors! So yes now if you come stay with us (well by next week at least) the spare bedroom will have a door and the bathroom door will actually close all the way without having too be slamed :). And yes we still need a little more scrap lumber to finish the bottom shelf of the crate, but I think it is pretty perfect. Good thing Spencer is good with a table saw!