Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunny Days Ahead

We leave for Mexico in less than 24 hours!!!  I can't wait!  Okay I can wait a few hours because I still need to finish packing, and Spencer still needs to start packing :).  Okay we've picked out what books we want to bring, and we have our sour patch kids and golfish and deck of cards, but as for what we'll be wearing all week we haven't really gotten that far.  Pretty much May has been crazy.

Let's see what all has happened.  Oh yes the major thing that has been going on is I changed job titles.  Within the company, don't get too freaked out!  But it's a pretty major move.  I went from really not happy to a little excited to thinking okay this will probably be a good thing for me.  Plus, I get to sit right next to friends from TU, so it's like a little mini reunion down here on the 5th floor. I'm glad to get a break though and go on vacation before I start drinking from the fire hose!  They just moved my office yesterday, so today I unpacked and hung my funny photobooth pictures and arranged my furniture and got settled in.  Hopefully when I get back I'll be all refreshed and ready to LEARN.  And by that I mean take in as much as possible as soon as possible, there is no sit around and do nothing around here that's for sure!

Other than that our garden has been going crazy!  I already have a ton of squash and a bunch of little green tomatoes.  Yeah for a watering system that is okay with me being distracted and absent minded :).

Alright well I'm out of things to say, my brain is already on the beach haha.   Bring on a week of no excel and no programming and no phone calls about work and no thinking about work PERIOD.  Okay maybe a little bit, but I'm going to work really hard to just veg and read my books and drink mai thais and take walks on the beach with Spencer and play some sand volleyball and hopefully get a massage and maybe do some yoga in the sand :).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Very Interesting . . .

I'm watching a movie on having babies at home.  It's fascinating.  Okay for the record a single friend who is not pregnant recommended it, so this is not some subliminal messaging.  It's called The Business of Being Born.  All about the benefits to not having your baby in the hospital.  Less drugs, more natural, not trying to escape the pain or the actual experience. 

This weekend we went to my brother's graduation from Truman State University. It was pretty awesome.  It was also really hot.  We ate qdoba and drank cheap mexican beer in honor of Peter and in honor of cinco de mayo.

Ok this movie is distracting.  I'm going to finish watching it :).