Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Work Frivolity

So sometimes my job can be quite entertaining. And I mean entertaining in a way that is not just entertaining to engineers haha. So here you go, my little work entertainment story.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a meeting and we started talking about how my team had gone down to visit the Chevron offices in Houston and while they were down there they ran into someone really interesting in the elevator: a stretch instructor. Yep a paid Chevron employee whose job is to go around to the different groups and lead stretching exercises during breaks to make sure everyone is relaxed and not too stressed out.


So I was telling them how when I worked at Chevron we had this little face in the bottom of our computer screen that was supposed to keep you ergonomically in check. It would tell you take breaks from your computer and if you didn't take them the face would slowly change from a happy green face to an angry red face and if you didn't take a break for four hours it would lock you out of your computer. So then my boss's boss, TJ, jokingly said I should lead a stretching routine at our mid year conference for all the technical staff (read 160 men over age 40). So we laughed about it and I said yeah sure I'll do it.

Fast forward to yesterday to another meeting (yes we are in a lot of meetings).

TJ: So do you have your yoga mat ready for the meeting tomorrow?

Me: Oh yeah I've been practicing my routine.

TJ: So are you going to wear sweats to the meting?

Me: Umm what would you do if I actually wore sweats to the meeting? (It's supposed to be business casual).

TJ: Try me.

Me: Oh really okay I will.

Okay I know I probably shouldn't be this ridiculous with my boss's boss but it was pretty funny. So I left the meeting and decided after talking to my office buddy that I should get sweat bands with the Cimarex logo on them just in case he really did try to get me to do the stretching routine in front of everyone.

I get to the meeting this morning, and here's what my agenda looks like:

Yep he actually modified the agenda!!! Later I found out it was only my agenda that mysteriously was modified but still it was pretty ridiculously funny. I wore my sweat bands for awhile and showed them off to TJ and I might actually do a "routine" tomorrow just to be even more ridiculous.

Okay enough of work craziness. On another note we have some baby tomatos coming in!!!