Thursday, March 21, 2013

All By Myself

It's one of those rare days when I have nothing to do during my lunch break - everyone I normally eat lunch with is on a spring break trip, or at a dr. appointment getting their baby checked on, or at home with their new baby (yes I know there are alot of babies happening around here!).  I do have some errands I'd love to be running, but they are on the other side of town and would take way longer than even a stretched out hour and half long lunch, so I'm saving them for tomorrow afternoon if I decide I'm tired of being in the empty office and "need" the afternoon off :).  Apparently even grown ups all go on spring break around here but I missed the memo.  Oh wait no that's right I'm not allowed to get on airplanes without a Dr.'s note and where I'd love to be is hiking northern Ireland. I guess that trip will have to wait!  So instead I'm sitting at my desk, eating delicious gyros and tabouli and looking for maternity clothes that isn't hideous online.

Seriously - this is my biggest complaint so far about being pregnant (I know, I know I'm ridiculous).  Finding cute clothes to wear is really hard!  And not because they don't make maternity clothes.  Mostly because they don't make business casual maternity clothes.  Maybe because everyone knows black pants and a blazer and button down aren't that comfortable while carrying around a honeydew melon sized baby inside you (that's how big Noah is today!! still so odd to me).  Here's the problem though: I can't wear yoga pants to work!! And oversized tshirts or bag lady shirts really don't help make you feel any less awkward, it's almost like they are saying just give up, you are huge, get over it haha.  However I would prefer to be huge and still look like I didn't just come from the gym!  Okay mini rant over haha.  Other than figuring out how to stretch (literally) my current wardrobe another two months this is my new drink of choice:

Juiced cucumbers. I saw my midwife Tuesday for my 32 week appointment and I have okay but borderline high blood pressure for a prego.  Which right now isn't a big deal since I'm still in the safe range, it just means I don't have much room for it to go up at the end of the pregnancy, which I'm told is a pretty normal occurrence (go figure carrying around an extra 30 pounds stresses out your heart some).  I'm convinced it's the drive down Yale in 4:30 pm traffic that makes it high considering I've been taking it at home and it's way lower there.  Just to be safe though, I'm supposed to write down what it is when I take it at home, so she can know I'm not making it up, and I'm supposed to juice a cucumber a day and drink it.  It's supposed to be a natural remedy for high blood pressure.  Actually it's pretty delicious I think.  So far I've mixed it with an apple or a grapefruit and orange and it's so refreshing - good thing considering I might have to juice 50 or so cucumbers between now and the time I give birth (OMG so not ready).   Other than that though, I've felt great!  Still going to yoga (I'm pretty sure I'm starting to freak out my teacher haha), still working out at the gym, still sleeping pretty well (other than crazy dreams!!), still not too uncomfortable, and still able to put on my own shoes, although that is getting pretty challenging :).
Alrighty I better finish my lunch and get back to work!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Ready To Relive Finals Week

Okay that is probably a little misleading, but we are going to make pizza and watch as many episodes of Arrested Development as we feel like.  Maybe not the best idea for the night before daylight savings but it sounds like a pretty perfect plan to me for a rainy night in March.  Spencer even gave Blitz a bath, so we won't mind her sitting on the couch by us.  Everyone's bringing their favorite toppings, so we'll see what kind of crazy pizzas we end up with.

Whew this was a long week.  Lots of draining days at work for both Spencer and I.  Lots of waking up in the middle of the night to Blitz scratching the floor and moving around on her dog bed in our room (solution: we moved her back to her crate, sorry Blitz but sleep is more important).  Lots of me waking up to charlie horses - apparently this is the new random side effect of pregnancy I get to experience.  I did ask the lady at yoga about it and she said the old wives tale is to put a bar of ivory soap at the bottom of the bed?!  I might just try it considering in the last week I've woken up three nights barely able to move my leg and then the next morning I get out of bed limping.  Then again I might try eating lots of bananas :).  Also I've started to have crazy pregnancy dreams.  First I dreamed I had a tiny baby (like think the size of a large potato), and I was back at work two days after giving birth trying to figure out breast feeding in my office.  And I was exploding milk everywhere.  Yeah I know freaky.  Then another night I dreamed it was a few days after giving birth and I couldn't remember if I had fed the baby or not and not just forgot one time, I couldn't remember if I had fed him at all since he had been born.  So weird how your brain chooses to process things you are worried about.   So yes, in between all of that, plus Spencer waking up thinking about work and me waking up worrying about my little it's been a bunch of not so restful nights.

Wow I didn't mean for this to be depressing. 

I've got a bunch of funny pictures from my work shower I keep meaning to put on here.  Seriously, I work with some of the most kind and humorous people ever.  They are really generous and really thoughtful, and I really do think I'm going to miss them while I'm on maternity leave.  I'll at least miss all the practical joking and instant messaging about the ridiculousness of office life.  In the mean time these are some of my favorite ladies there.  And just in case you can't tell three of us are pregnant.  One due next week, me due in May, one due in October and one has decided her current goal is to finish her MBA and then go on sweet Jenny and Spencer vacations as she's affectionately dubbed them which is totally fine by me. 

Okay I'm off to start the bacon for the pizza . . .