Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On hold . . .

Okay so I'm on hold with the IRS right now trying to figure out why we never got our first time home buyer credit. Probably because I sent them more construction documents than anyone would ever care to look at. Oh well! So in the mean time I thought I'd do a little blogging.

So let's see what have we been doing lately? Here's just some bullet points for fun :).

- Went to the TU homecoming game and wished we were still in college with everything within walking distance and no mortgage payment ;)

- We're trying to get blitzy to not freak out when we put her back in her pen. We literally have to pick her up and put her inside the fence, which is only going to work for so long considering she is already heavy! At only 10 weeks old! Looks like we are going to have a beast on our hands before long :).

- Had dinner with some TU kids and chatted all about life and getting married while in school and the trials and joys of campus ministry and realized that we really have shared alot of life with our good old neighbors D and K which just made us happy. Side note, it's a little weird to be the "old" married people feeding college kids. I don't feel that old!

- Went to the OSU vs. Nebraska game. Talk about small town culture shock. Reminder to self: I did not go to a big school, chants with 56000 of my closest friends weird we me out a little haha.

- Went to our neighborhood picnic and met some random cool people, including the people running for state rep in our district.

-Walked around the neighborhood and met alot of new people. Basically Blitzy is a people magnet :). Our plan to get to know more neighbors is working!!! Now all I need to do is try and remember their names. I think I need flash cards :).

I'm still on hold . . . good thing I have a pumpkin spice latte to distract me and house blogs to look at.

And I'm about to have a much needed mini vacation with Alisha!! Woo hoo!! Off to Philly for some chill time reading, sleeping, drinking coffee, walking around the city, and maybe eating philly cheesesteak :). I love vacation. I might even get a new vacation out fit tonight haha. I know that is very ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I had to laugh to myself yesterday when I heard this part of a phone conversation:

Person 1: What's up?
Person 2: Oh nothing much.

Okay it's ridiculous how many times I've answered the phone that way at work when really I have a list of a thousand things to do. Oh what do I have on my plate, nothing much just a whole life's worth of stuff to do in a day. Ha it just made me laugh. We are so good at being nonchalant :).

There's my random thought for the day.

Oh and we taught blitzy to sit. Only problem is she just thinks that when I get the bag of treats that means sit, not actually when I say sit. I'll get down to say sit and she is already sitting looking at me looking like, hello can I please have my treat now. So fun :).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Introducing: Jaigerbomb Blitzkrieg Von Haus Berg!!

Okay so I've probably sent some of these pictures to you already, but I thought I'd just do a little show and tell about our new puppy!! First things first, the breeder required us to have a name starting with "J" on the paperwork for breeder purposes, so we are not ridiculous. Okay we may be a bit ridiculous, but it did have to start with J and Jenny or Jenna or Jasmine was just not hard core enough :).

So we went to Stillwater Saturday morning to pick out our puppy with David and Kat. We got first pick, so they were all a little crazy when we got there! They all wanted to play and lick you and climb on you, so cute! After playing with them all awhile we picked the purple collar one, or actually the collarless one because she'd managed to lose it already ha. Looks like we got an ornery one :). The breeder said these were some of the biggest 8 week old puppies she had ever seen, so it looks like we are going to have one giant dog! We met the dad and he was beautiful, huge, and a six year old puppy with tons of ball drive. Just google it :).

So without further a do here is Miss Jaigerbomb Blitzkrieg!!!!!

We brought her home to this amazingly (in my humble opinion of course) constructed little dog run and dog house, compliments of Spencer's master table saw skills.

Pretty much all she wanted to do was get out of it so she could be closer to us. She'd sit right outside the gate perfectly content but as soon as she was inside the gate alone she totally freaked out. Probably missing her six crazy siblings!

Lovely food and water bowl, which by the way good dog food is expensive!!! I had no idea. Looks like my shopping budget is getting really small :).

And compliments of Ange: the best pic so far. But really she's still cuter in real life, so come see her!!! We have to wait two weeks for her to be around other dogs, but humans are more than welcome :).
And yes after all the fight I put up about getting one, I love her already. She is super cute and mostly just wants to be as close to you as possible which when she's 20 lbs and fluffy is pretty adorable. We'll see how that goes over when she's 100 lbs!!

So there you have it, our new baby ;).