Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution Half Way Done

We booked the tickets!!!! Wooooo hooooo!!! Last night I felt giddy :). Well after I spent an hour trying to book tickets and then had to call my bank to clear the purchase ha. I guess it's a good thing bank cards have a daily limit, but seriously I had filled out the same online forms about 10 times before I finally thought hmm maybe my bank is denying this.

So July 16th through 29th we'll be partying it up in Switzerland. I'm so excited!! Anybody want to house sit? And eat all the produce that will be conveniently ready while we are gone? :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Planting Festival

Alrighty so this might be short update if the internet at Cherry Street keeps acting like dial-up haha. So I feel like the last month has flown by! I'm not even sure what all we have been up to but I know I have gone to two weddings, two baby showers, and two wedding showers. So yes I'm pretty much broke haha. Okay I really do like celebrating people but I am tired!!! So last night we took a break from the all the craziness and had a little planting party in our yard!! Woo hoo!!! I can't wait till everything starts producing yummy vegetables in about umm 50 to 75 days haha. But I guess at the pace time has been flying by the last month I won't have to be impatient too long :). So yeah we are sharing our lovely three garden beds and myriad of planters with David and Kat!! Woo hoo variety is the spice of life! We figured this way we'd get more choices and if I get tired of thousands of cherry tomatos (umm remember last year's mega bush?!) then I can share them with the neighbors :). So we planted a bunch of squash, a couple of lemon cucumbers (which are supposed to be round and delicious!), a bunch of tomatos, a bunch of bell peppers, a couple of jalepenos, an aji pepper!!!!, a bunch of herbs, two strawberry plants and an egg plant. So pretty much we'll be in veggie heaven! And even better handy man Spencer installed a watering system on a timer! So except for those lovely July 110 degree days we won't even have to remember to water every day! In case you were wondering, yes come visit! And we will gladly share whatever survives our limited gardening skills :). Because umm yes I wish I could tell you these were all the plants we seeded a month ago but actually everyone single one died!! Guess that's what I get for leaving them outside for a day while we partied it up in Conway, Arkansas while the temperature hit 90 and the wind was well normal Oklahoma wind. Yep, I can't even blame Blitzy for the demise of our fine plants, may they rest in peace haha. Okay but I did plant some lettuce and beans and bell peppers straight in the ground and they are coming up!!! They're hard to see but if you look really hard you can see little green sprouts umm about 1/4 an inch tall if even :). Okay coffee house internet officially sucks today. 4 minutes to download one pic!!! Looks like I'll be downloading the pics later! On another note, the Switzerland trip is official!! I'm going to try to book the flights this week!! I can't wait!!! Wow most exclamation points ever in one post. I think it might have to do with the beautiful weather we are having right now. What can I say I'm a sun child at heart :).