Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moved In . . .Ish.

Okay so we are officially living in our new house!! Make that our new, old house. Wednesday night we got the gang out, and I mean gang! Thanks to the following moving crew:








Philip (who I had never met but he works for Halliburton so we're pretty much already friends)




New neighbors (who brought us cookies and milk! how awesome is that?)



Philip N.


So basically we got all moved from one house to the other in less than two hours! Thanks everybody! Note to future house owners: beer and pizza gets people to your house :). Beer might not be such a good idea during lent if everyone is fasting from alcohol! Haha.

Alright so pretty much all we did after moving was set up the couches and our bed so we could watch fifteen minutes of Finding Nemo before deciding we were too exhausted to stay awake.

Ha the next too days were full of crazy errand running, talking to our contractor and trying to figure out why our house was so freaking cold!! Okay so the contractors left on thursday and the house just got colder and colder. I had the thermostat at 65 but the temperature just kept dropping and the furnace was never kicking in. So Friday morning when we got up it was a nice cozy 51 degrees in our house when we got up!!!!!!!!!! I told Spencer it felt like we were camping and I really didn't want to be camping. Anyway I spent all Friday unpacking the kitchen with numb hands ha okay a little exaggeration and then David and Kat came over to help and David goes, let me go check something and he goes up in the attic and magically the furnace came on! Okay so apparently we have two switches in our attic, one is for the attic light and the other turns the furnace on and off (personally i think this switch is weird but whatever). So whoever had been in the attic last thought they were just switching off the lights but really they condemned us to two days in a freezing cold house! haha funny in hind sight, not so funny when you felt like your joints were freezing haha.

Okay so I left my camera at home and we don't have internet at the house for another week because they have to install everything, so far now here is your one picture to enjoy:

So we decided to do all our big purchasing in a week. So we now own this little car!!! Woo hoo, if you're a manual lover give us a call and come try it out, it is SO FUN to drive. Especially when the weather is sunny and warm like it is today in Tulsa. Talk about long overdue!

And one person who should have been at the moving but who was sorely missed, okay three people:




Oh and Rach :)

And Peter and Amanda

I miss you guys!!! And that order is not important by the way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Post

Okay here's the fast update:

- We've been packing like crazy and running errands the last couple of days, no time for pictures!
-We closed on the house after a fiasco with our appraiser who was supposed to go out to the house at nine in the morning and called us 45 minutes before closing asking when she was supposed to see the house. Then she did a literally two minute walk through (our contractor said she walked through the house, up the stairs, used the bathroom, and then walked back out again) and told the bank we were 98% finished AKA NOT DONE. Which meant right before we were about to sign all the papers our banker called and we ended up having to put some money in escrow for the remaining repairs. Not the end of the world, but still everyone wanted to kill the appraiser and the plumber! who decided he had better things to do than to install our stove, so it was just sitting in the box in the middle of the kitchen when the appraiser walked through. Ridiculous!
-We might be buying a nice little VW Rabbit to get us around when the truck is just not practical :). Or fun to drive ;).
-We're moving tonight!!

On another note
-My well out in the TX Panhandle is making 16MMcf/d!!!!! Okay that probably means nothing to most of you but it means we are making bank! And our six months of convincing management to drill our well was all worth it. And we get free steak dinners from our boss!

Friday, February 19, 2010

More Colors and Our Official Move In Date!!

Okay our official date is next Wednesday night! They couldn't quite finish till Monday, so we're not making it in this weekend. No worries though, the bank was kind to us and gave us a three day extension, so we're all set to close Monday afternoon after the appraiser gives the thumbs up and we sign our life away to BOK. So if you're in town, Wednesday night moving party :). We'll bring the beers!

We have baksplash!

Pick up your stuff! Seriously :).

And sweet light fixtures!

And fans in the living room, okay that one's for Spencer. I have to agree though, they look really stylish!

And more paint colors . . . the upstairs bathroom.

Living room, seriously more stuff everywhere! How am I supposed to get good pictures? Ha.

And dining room with lovely chandelier minus the shades and the light bulbs :).

And the upstairs!

Ah I love windows! The trim just looks so good on everything!

And my favorite, our new bedroom! Okay the color isn't as easy to see in this picture but it's a lovely calming blue gray color. Even our contractor said it was his favorite in the whole house :).

Alright only a few days to go! They just have to refinish the floors, lay the tile in the back room and then get the plumber back in to hook up appliances and the all important showers and toilets :). Oh and build me some sweet shelves and a seat thing in the bathroom to cover the whole in the floor. I just can't believe how awesome it all looks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just for Rach!!!

Alrighty so this weekend we had a little moving prep party. Thanks to Dmac, DMo, Kathryn, Ange, Joanna, and Lisa who helped us box up almost our entire house in a couple hours!!! Umm yes actually that shirt belongs to me, but I think it looks better on him :).

All the girls helping with the packing . . .

The giant mess that was insuing in our rent house. I hope our landlady wasn't expecting to show the house when it looked all nice and set up. I would have said clean, but really it's never that clean haha.

Okay and we have color!!!! Alright they aren't done yet which is a little annoying, but here's what we have done so far. First our lovely green kitchen!! And you can sort of see the dining room color in the background around the trim, it's a lovely golden brown color NOT Texas colors as our contractor so nicely accused us of picking.

I think I'm glad with the slightly lighter shade of green. It looks awesome with the cabinets!! Oh and our backsplash was supposed to go in yesterday but our kitchen guy freaked out because there were streaks in the granite, which I had seen already and been okay with. So hopefully this morning we'll have backsplash!

Our lovely exposed column which is now nicely framed thanks to our contractors. The trim all over the house looks amazing!

Okay the light in these isn't as great but here's the spare bedroom, a nice neutral tan. Yes we couldn't figure out what color to do so we just went with the hallway color :).

And the bathroom. It's hard to tell from this shot but it's actually a light gray.

Alright cross your fingers, they're supposed to finish on Friday! But we'll see if it really happens . . .

Friday, February 12, 2010

What you've all been waiting for!!!

Alright here it is, the visual feast you've all been waiting for! Compliments of my 3 dollar camera battery that I had to buy off amazon and wait on for five days because stores no longer sell them haha.

They are priming! Okay they finished priming wednesday and they are painting the trim right now!

Looks a little bit like a looney bin right now haha. But soon it'll have our colors all over it!

Protecting our lovely cabinets from splatters . . .

Our bedroom . . . soon to be a lovely blue-gray color to match my Christmas present (that we just got last week ha we've been a little distracted). It's a really pretty paisley duvet in different shades of blue. I don't know why I ever tried to have blue not be my favorite color!

And ta da!! We have countertops! This is our massive sink, also granite which doesn't scratch like stainless (which I had know idea stainless scratched till Bob the kitchen guy told us and then I went home and looked at our rent house sink ~ defintiely scratched all over the place!).

I love it! Soon the walls will be a lovely green. I actually decided to go with a little bit lighter shade after the countertops and cabinets were in. Just trying to avoid having a really dark kitchen . . .

Don't worry the hole is for the long wished for dishwasher!! Woo hoo!! (for those of you who don't know we've had no dishwasher for almost two years so we are so excited!!)

And okay this isn't in our house but Spencer knew I was getting stressed about everything getting done on time and just all the little details so he had a co worker help him sneak in and he brought me these pretty flowers! My office has definitely been cheerier since then :).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paint is Coming!

Okay I know you are all waiting on pins and needles . . . and I just got my camera battery in the mail yesterday! Conveniently about an hour after I had gone to look at the house during my lunch break . . . so pictures will be coming shortly.

We are currently 10 days away from when we are supposed to close with the bank, we'll see what happens! They were supposed to prime yesterday and start painting trim today and then paint the walls tomorrow!! I can't wait to see if we like all the colors on the walls :).

And . . . we may be getting new neighbors!!! Kathryn and David are put an offer on a house in Owen Park yesterday! The party has just started :).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Woo Hoo!!!

Okay in person they look even more awesome! So you'll just have to come visit :).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well . . .

Okay so first of all apparently my camera is obsolete. I tried going to Target and Walgreens and neither carries my camera battery anymore. So I have to wait for it to ship from amazon and there wasn't a fast shipping option! Basically I'll have to put up pics from the iphone till I get my battery! So be prepared :).

Alright so the real house news. We had a little heart to heart with our contractor yesterday afternoon about if he was going to finish on time and if he was on budget. The poor guy looked like he had never been more distressed in his life but basically he's more than a few thousand over budget and he can't finish unless he gets more money from us. So we freaked out (not with him right there thankfully, we managed to stay relatively calm for that and just ask a bunch of questions about where all we had gone over and what we could do about it; he just said he was thankful we didn't scream at him and run him out of the house angrily) and then we decided we should probably just talk to the bank before we freaked out too much. Turns out banks like loaning money, as long as your house is worth that much and you agree to pay it back later with interest ;). Thankfully our house had appraised for quite a bit more than what we were putting in to it in construction costs so we were good. We just good old BOK quite a bit more than we were planning on. Guess we'll be eating more Ramen!!

So tomorrow we're getting one of DMo's clients to come give us a quote on the floor refinishing and they're still working on the kitchen! I can't wait to put up the picks of all the installed cabinets!! Hopefully they'll be done with it tomorrow and then they can install the countertops!!! We did talk to our contractor about timing and it looks like we can still get it done by the due date for the bank!