Friday, January 21, 2011

Official 1/1/11 Post

Okay I know this is umm almost a month old, but I'm stuck recovering from a cold looking out the window at the freezing weather outside. It seemed like an appropriate time to finally write about some of my new year's resolutions.

Okay I know resolutions can be stressful and make you feel guilty, but I like to think of them as ways to dream a little about what the next year could be like. They help me to not feel stuck in a rut. I tend to put things on my list that are more like wishes than resolutions . Like go to Switzerland. That is on my resolution list for 2011. I resolve to go to Switzerland :). I'll let you know if it happens haha.

Okay so another one of my resolutions is two fold, or actually maybe more folds than that even (excuse my bad grammar haha)! I want to keep expanding our garden. I'm reading this book all about backyard homesteading and it's making me want to grow all kinds of things in our yard! I'm not fully convinced on the raising chicken part yet, but I may still get there :). We don't want to burn ourselves out on gardening though by goign to overboard at the beginning so we're going to just add two more beds this year to the one bed we already have. We've made a little list of what we want to grow:

- tomatoes (maybe upside down!!)
- lettuce
- spinach
- squash
- zucchini
- bell peppers
- herbs (hopefully I'll have better luck than with my rosemary last year!!)
- jalepenos
- asaparagus (okay this doesn't bloom till the second year, but we're going to start!)
- green onions
- cucumbers (maybe in containers? or on a trellis?)
- and my favorite!!! a blueberry bush!! I actually made it a separate resolution from gardening to plant a fruit tree or bush in our yard this year because I was so excited about it!

Okay maybe the list isn't so small, but I think it's doable, and I think they are all things we will eat! One of my problems last year was having a million peppers and cherry tomatoes and not knowing what to make with them. I hate throwing away produce and there's not much motivation to go pick more of something when your kitchen is already overflowing with unused veggies. So here comes the two fold part of this resolution. I also want to learn more veggie recipes!! I like eating veggies (okay I still hate onions, I know, I know I'm still a 5 year old at heart ;) but other than that I like mostly everything), but sometimes I just don' t know how to cook them! So I actually started working on this part today, since it is gross outside and you can't really plant anything in Oklahoma till the beginning of March!! So, I went online and searched and came up with a bunch of cucumber, cherry tomato, squash and zucchini recipes. Yum, yum, yum!! Anybody have any recipes to recommend? Fast and limited ingredients are the best ;). Besides veggie recipes I also want to learn how to can and perserve vegetables so I can eat them all winter long. Okay this might be way out of my league, but I can dream right? :)

Side note on dreaming, I've been reading the book "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller. Don't tell my Bible study for the semester (we're supposed to start next week and read a chapter a week), but I'm probably going to finish it this week, or maybe even today! It's been really encouraging and basically reminding me that part of praying is getting back your ability to dream, to hope, to wish for God's kingdom to come quickly. It calls prayer an adventure because you're never quite sure what is going to happen. So on that note, I think I might add practice praying like a little child to my resolution list for 2011. We'll see how it goes. I'm guessing I'll need ALOT of practice.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Okay I know it's been forever and I need to do a real post, but for now here you go :).