Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Update

So I've made it so far without looking at house blogs! It was really hard for the first few days and now it's not too bad. I made it I think maybe a week without eating sugar. That was waaaay too hard haha. One thing at a time :). Borders is now at 50% off!!! Okay I just love books. But actually the funniest thing I bought was Enrique's new CD. Yes I know I am 15 at heart apparently. And hispanic. Go figure that one out :). Oh and Blitzy got spayed and has been even crazier than ever! The only noticeable effect of the surgery is her half shaved stomach which just really makes me laugh every time I see it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chillaxin' in the Sun

Okay so for some reason I wanted to revert to freshman year at TU when chillaxin' was an acceptable phrase haha. It's 85 degrees outside!! And breezy! And sunny! And well there is a reason I don't and probably never will live in the pacific northwest. I pretty much can't function when the weather is gloomy is for more than umm four hours at a time. So today is basically therapy for me. We got up and had topeca with Kat, went to church, heard about how God pursues us passionatly, went to Top That for pizza with a bunch of friends (and I didn't have to do any convincing to get them to sit outside!), took Blitzy for a nice long walk around the river and laughed when I found a plastic bag (more on that later), and now I've been sitting out on the front porch drinking pomegranate limeade, reading $64 Tomato, and working on my Bible study for tomorrow night while Biltzy switches between barking at everyone who walks by and lounging in the sun and while Spencer draws up a master plan for our yard. Pretty much the best lazy Sunday ever. And to top it off we're having fajitas with fresh homemade salsa for dinner!!

Okay so now that I've made you all jealous of my afternoon or at least of my front porch haha, I have to tell you a funny bag story. So I was walking Blitzy and I had forgotten to bring a plastic bag along for well, you know, she is a dog :). So I was worrying a little bit about it while I was thinking and praying about other things and then I looked down and ta da there was a plastic grocery bag wrapped around a little shrub. Okay I might be reading into it too much but I'm pretty sure God answered my unprayed prayer so I could stop worrying about how I was going to manage picking up my dog's poop without a plastic bag. And I could stop worrying about her pooping with a million of my closest friends watching while they drank beer at the new riverside cafe. Haha so there you go, random story of God's provision for me and my little overly concerned about the details engineer brain haha.

So yes, the $64 Tomato. I totally recommend it. I've read over half of it in the last day and a half, which for me is alot of reading in a short period of time, at least these days. Ha oh if only you could go back and see little 8th grade me reading ALL summer long. Anyway it's a memoir all about one guy and his quest for the perfect garden. It's pretty hilarious. Read the part on deer, seriously I laughed out loud! Which is also rare for me when reading books. I guess I've been reading too many things on sociology or poverty or umm horizontal wellbores lately, not too much to laugh about there :).

Hmm what else? Well we've been working on the spare bedroom. I've been trying to make it a coherent room instead of just the room where we put all the leftover furniture pieces we have that don't go together. So here's what I've got so far! It's got a long way to go, but it already feels more airy and open :).

Okay so first the unorganized before pictures. And yes I know having the bed unmade makes it look so much worse but I like the effect :).
New duvet cover is on the way!

Definitely need to organize that bookshelf . . .

And that desk . . . and find somewhere else to store those guitars!

Okay so this dresser was what inspired me to get to work! I thought it would look cool painted some fun color . . .So here you go! Okay the lighting is really bad in this, but it's a fun dark green. And yes I know I need to finish the top two drawers :). Apparently we didn't sand the varnish well enough on those drawers and the paint just came right off!

And another step towards making it look brighter in there. Some lovely white curtains :).

Okay I've got a ways to go, but it's a start :). Alright I'm off to see the plans the master gardener has come up with!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So the verdict is I'm giving up house blogs for lent. No more random checking of other people's cute house ideas for 6 whole weeks! This is going to take some serious will power.

And Spencer is giving up angry birds on his iphone. Not sure which one of us will be more miserable :).

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I bet you're thinking, I knew it! They are growing something shady in those trays of theirs. Well nope this week I did have my own little intervention, but it was a - wait for it -fashion intervention! Yep, yep you heard me right. If you know me or my wardrobe you might be thinking about time! Haha. So yeah I had been talking to some of my friends at church who have way more fashion sense than I do and telling them how much I need help with my wardrobe. I mean I got a grown up purse for Christmas (I know I'm about ten years late but cut me some slack I am an engineer haha) but half of my wardrobe is from umm let's just say 8th grade might not be too far from the truth :). So anyway yesterday Kacey and Allison came over and went through my whole wardrobe and told me everything I had to get rid of. I can't believe they laughed at my sketchers!! And my highschool AE button downs!! And my nasty flats that look like they have diseases growing in them because I never wear socks! Haha okay I had been needing to get rid of those but shopping for new clothes and shoes is never that high on my agenda, at least not shopping for a massive wardrobe makoever. But I decided to be open to the idea and let wiser more knowledgable aka more girly women help me out :).

My lovely to be thrown away/ dumped pile:

So after telling me about 3/4 of my current clothes had to go - okay maybe that's an exaggeration but not quite ha I told you I needed help - we picked up Natalie and Kathryn for more help and moral support and headed out to the stores! 6 hours later after countless outfit trials, multiple snack trips, and plenty of moments of feeling completely ridiculous in girly outfits (which I did take home by the way, they swore they made me look awesome so we'll see haha) I headed home with a new wardrobe!! Okay most of a new wardrobe :). Round two is still in the works to look for dress pants, black shoes, and accesories oh and maybe a nice dress for the 11 weddings we have this summer!! So umm Alisha whenever you decide to visit me we can go on round two ;).

Check it out!! I think this is more shoes than I normally own at one time, let alone buy at one time! And believe me without my wonderful fashionistas I would not have bought silver tennis shoes or mustard flats or really probably any of these besides the brown flats haha.

Ironic though turns out the silver shoes and mustard flats are some of my favorite already!!

So yes I did buy other things besides shoes :). Ha be prepared for some awful clothes pics. I wasn't going to put them all on again and apparently I'm really bad at staging haha. And these are by no means all the things I got, I just got tired of taking pictures and figured you have better things to do than read this all day long haha.

So I got lots of cute dressy tops like this!

And this!A couple of cute summery dresses like this one :)

And a cute jean skirt! With about a million different colors of cardigans. Literally a million okay maybe literally seven. I think I got blue, purple, two shades of green, and a peachy pink one. Oh and they made me get a lacey top I wasn't sure about! But I wore it to church and got lots of compliments so looks like they knew what they were talking about :).

I did manage to get some tshirts too, not all fancy gold shoes and frilly shirts haha.

Okay enough of showing you my wardrobe :). We're off to a date and yep I'm wearing all new clothes haha.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So today I walked my little (HAHA) dog in 70 degree sunshine with Tara, and it was AWESOME. Well besides the fact tha Blitzy doesn't think heeling is any fun :). I'm signing her up for training class as soon as they post the times sometime this week!

So maybe it is only spring inside my head, but it is spring enough for one of my favorite things ~ seeding!! Okay make that gardening, but to get a garden first you have to have some seeds haha. I know I'm stating the obvious here :). So tonight we seeded!
64 little boxes full of seeds!! We've got tomatos and peppers and green onions and herbs and squash and zuchinni and snap peas and lots of lettuce and spinach and cucumbers!! I can't wait to see it all start coming up! I'm still amazed (okay I've only had a garden one year haha) that big plants come out of little tiny seeds. I also can't wait to have lots of fresh veggies! I got this raw cookbook at a borders that's going out of businesss ~ side note, a bookstore with everything on sale may be my addiction, I literally felt like a little kid again! Spencer had to tell me to put some of my choices back haha ~ and now I'm excited about eating more raw. Only problem is it is insanely expensive! Like raw almond butter (think gourmet peanut butter) is TEN BUCKS! Since when is peanut butter ten bucks!! Okay so anyway I can't wait to have lots of free veggies! Okay not totally free since I'll have some sweat equity and a few bucks worth of seeds but you know what I mean. And no I haven't had caffeine, at least not since 9 this morning :). Okay so back to the seeding. So Spencer set up this nice ghetto rigged grow center upstairs. He is so handy!

So yes it looks like we're growing a little something very common to Oklahoma but we're not so don't worry :). 45 to 60 days from now we'll have all kinds of yummy produce! I think I've decided gardening must get passed down in the blood. My grandparents were farmers and gardeners, my parents taught me how to garden when I was little and I can remember helping grandma pick raspberries most summer for 25 cents a pint haha I was some willing cheap labor :). And now I'm pretty much giddy about having my own garden. And maybe some chickens someday :). Okay enough for now, I'll have to put up pics of my other project later, for now just dream about little seedlings haha.