Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before and After


So I was looking through pictures with some friends of ours in the last couple of weeks and just reminded of how far we have come! So even if we have thirty boxes left to unpack and half the windows left to clean and forty hours of manual labor in the yard just to get it cleaned up (that's not even counting all the landscaping plans we have for it), we have come a LONG way since we started on this project back in October.
So this past weekend my parents came and it was conventiently snowing outside, yes that is Oklahoma weather for you. My mom and I got to work on house projects while Dad and Spencer umm got more manly aka watched a bunch of hours of march madness. I tackled boxes while my mom cleaned half the windows in the house! She even ventured out onto the porch to clean the outside of some of them in the snow. That's a good mother for you :). Slowly but surely we are getting there. We ordered Roman shades for the bedroom so hopefully by the end of the week the lovely crack house sheets will be down from the windows hahah.
Some projects we've been working on in the mean time:
Okay this really isn't too my credit because who am I kidding God's making the little seeds grow, but I did put them in the dirt :). It's the beginnings of our sweet pepper and herb garden! Spencer gave me these seeders for valentine's day and most of them have come up. Now all I need to do is a little pruning so that each box only has one seedling. In a couple more weeks it'll be outside with these little babies :). And yes I realize the picture is sideways but in the file it is definitely showing up the right direction so I don't know what blogger is doing.

We've also hung our lovely old cabinets (yes the ones from above freshly painted) in the laundry room so now we have a place to store all the cleaning and repair necessities. The floor does not count as storage place :).And our newly shelved closet. Okay I don't think that is the right use of shelved but whatever. After a week or so of not having the right parts Spencer finally got it all settled and we now have a place to put tools and wrapping paper and games and umm whatever else has no where else to go!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One down, 179 to go . . .

Well we payed our first mortgage payment, only 179 more to go!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First few projects from our new house . . .

Okay so who knew setting up your house could be so time consuming? Don't worry it's mostly fun :)
Alright so first things first, we went to Garden Ridge and found a nice little table to put in the kitchen so friends can chill with us while we cook, or we can eat there instead of at our massive dining room table!

We thought it was perfect for our little corner. Good thing Spencer is good at those oragami type put it together yourself instructions!
Alright on to the next project: painting our old kitchen cabinets to hang up in the laundry room so we can hide all our laundry and cleaning supplies. Yeah for reducing clutter (visible clutter at least)!

Okay here you go mom, just for you I took some pictures of us working!! So here we are enjoying the sun and our awesome front porch! So we only messed up a little on the cabinets ha. While we were doing the second coat it got pretty dark and we didn't notice that we had globbed a little paint around the door trim. Good thing I didn't have to do the kitchen cabinets myself :).
And final project of the week: CLEANING. okay this is probably going to be project of the month because everything is sooooo dusty from all the construction work and painting. See my lovely swiffer after cleaning the tile and the wood in the front room. Absolutely disgusting! The windows have the same grime all over them. I spent two hours cleaning one of them and then realized I had managed to get the inside glass clean but there is also the outside glass and then the storm window, all of which are covered in 80 years of dust!! Guess I did move into an old house :).

And our project for tonight: get curtains or shades for our bedroom. The green sheets have got to go!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay Spencer hooked up the internet in the house last night, so I now have no more excuses to avoid blogging :). More pictures of the progress coming soon! Let's see so far I think we've taken about ten trips to Lowes or Home Depot in the last week and a half!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visual Feast

Alright here you go! A bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure. But first a couple of first in our new house!
First time we've used a moving truck in our married lives. And yes we did actually fill the whole 26 ft with our stuff. I think we need to do some purging! Also note how small Spencer's truck looks in comparison to the moving truck, slightly ridiculous; the truck is hard enough to park! Good thing I got put in charge of leading the caravan of small cars full of fragile kitchen stuff haha. Note to future movers: smooth riding moving truck is a joke! Unless they mean in comparison to a tank. Seriously!

First load in a dishwasher since we've been married. It is truly an amazing invention :).

First truly organized pantry. I'm telling you sliding drawers in a pantry are AWESOME!

Our sweet new appliances! We cooked our first meal for David and Kat and it works amazingly! They definitely just getting warmed up so we can throw lots of parties haha.

Yeah for new kitchens! And almost finished laundry rooms in the background :).

Sweet fridge! Still haven't figured out the ice maker yet though . . . guess that first will have to wait for later :). But it definitely has more room than our midget rent house fridge! Which we are missing oh so awfully NOT.

Dining room with lovely refinished floors. I can hardly believe these are the same floors that were in the house when we bought it!
Before moving all the furniture in . . .

And after moving it all in: our partly unpacked living room.