Monday, January 28, 2013

Just A Few Happenings

Life is happening around here, nothing too exciting.  Okay well that's a lie we actually just bought a new (used) car tonight!! However it is getting outfitted with new tires, so I didn't get to drive it away quite yet.  Looks like I get a few more days of blissful denial with my lovely VW 2 door rabbit and then it's on to four door SUV's, car seats, and parenthood.  Sheesh that sounds so overwhelming.  I think I will acclerate in third gear and drive like a maniac for the next couple of days and maybe add in a few good peel outs just for fun.  Sorry, you're just going to have to be in suspense about what we purchased till I actually have it and can take pretty pictures of it.  All I'll say is it has a giant moonroof and a turbocharger, so I was sold :).

Okay so up through today's purchase life had been happening as usual.  We've had a little bit of the January blues, like the wow I have to be a grownup and go to work everyday even when work is stressful and tiring and makes me want to just watch Top Gear all night long, kind of blues.  Nothing too extreme, just not our most cheery days.  Libby was reminding me it is winter after all and things are just kind of slow and dreary and not too worry too much about the funk.  I think I'll take that advice! 

I've decided this may be my guilty pleasure during pregnancy:

A delicious latte and a cookie at the same time.  Normally I would only do one or the other, or do black coffee and a cookie to avoid having a million calorie snack in the afternoon when I really just need a stretch break from my computer, but for some reason lately my willpower has been a little lower ;).  Sometimes it's just a cookie and a latte kind of day.  So far I haven't had any weird cravings, so for now this will have to suffice!

Spencer's been taking good care of me during this whole pregnancy thing.  It really hasn't been too bad yet, but some days vacuuming the whole house and cleaning the bathroom on top of laundry sounds so overwhelming, and then he'll offer to scrub the toilet and sweep half the rooms for dog hair and it doesn't seem quite so bad anymore.  He also made me this awesome dinner one night for date night after my midwife office called to tell me I had missed my appointment because both Spencer and I had written it down for the following week.  I drove across town in rush hour traffic while he whipped up this deliciousness!! I think I should let him cook more often ;).

Steak and garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus and peanut thai chicken all in one meal?!  Not too mention lovely virgin lemon drop martinis!  Who knew ginger beer and fresh squeezed lemon juice could taste so close to the real thing?  Without, of course, causing any harm to little Noah other than a sugar rush ;).

Okay here's my 25 week shot.  Maybe someday I will have an actual bump - not that I am wishing to be huge any time soon!!!

Pictures on the new mom ride to come shortly . . .

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nothing Like . . .

. . . a cold, rainy - make that sleety - day to make you want to clean house and check things off the to do list.  I got a jump start last night while Spencer went to OKC to see his brother play in a band (they guy from the flaming lips came to check them out, maybe they'll be famous one day!!).  I decided as much as I wish I were that cool, I can't do concerts that start at 11 pm in a city two hours away.  It doesn't quite work out if you want to be in bed by 10 pm :).  So last night I did a bunch of loads of laundry, ate half a delicious pizza, kept Blitzy from eating the other half of my delicious pizza, cleaned up some around the house, watched a little TV and then started my baby registry!!  I'd been putting it off for awhile just because I was so overwhelmed by the thought of adding that much stuff to our house, but I just decided to start with what I knew I wanted and go from there.  So I started with cloth diapers and a moby wrap and after that, thanks to Amazon's nice little top things for baby prompter it really wasn't too bad.  I'm sure I'll go back and add things as I think of them, but so far I'm pretty happy with everything I found.  For the record, no I did not research everything or really even most things.  I picked colors I liked and things people had recommended and things that looked compact (I mean since I am going to have to take some of it to Europe with me haha).

Then this morning it was off to goodwill with a pile of clothes from our closets plus a run to get a bunch of new hangers for the new closets Spencer is almost done building!!  He installed the doors today, now all we have left is a bunch of painting for me and Spencer is going to put in shelves so the space is more usable.  Oh and I "need" to get some baskets to make the closet look cool - I mean better organize my scarves and purses and belts :).

Once we were home, it was a bunch of bills and paperwork organizing while watching more Top Gear (our new favorite thing) plus making cookies and folding laundry and working on the registry more and booking hotels for our babymoon!!  I'm pumped about it.  We're hitting up San Antonio and Austin in mid February for our final trip before little Noah gets here.  Last February I stayed at this awesome resort for a work thing that happened to be on Valentine's Day, so this year we're going back and I'm taking Spencer along :).  Can't wait.  Hopefully I won't be too uncomfortable yet. 

Let's see what else (in case you aren't bored of reading my to do list yet haha).  I also had to make sure my dog didn't jump the fence and run away again, like she did twice last night while I was home alone.  Not cool.  Especially not cool when the second time was in the dark and I didn't think I was going to be able to find her without sneaking around in people's yards.  Thankfully she hadn't gone to far. 

Oh yeah and I talked to Alisha!!!  And burned my anthropolgie candle I got for Christmas.  And drank yummy coffee.  I'd call that a pretty good productive day.  Now it's time for a movie and hot chocolate.

One more thing.  Random thing I learned today in a free Parenting magazine I got.  Apparently the raunchy book Shades of Grey caused a bunch of babies to be born 9 months later.  Go figure.  People are odd.  And people who decide to write an article on things like this are odder.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Still Trying to Decide

So I'm still thinking about what I want my 2013 resolutions to be.  This whole baby in May thing is making it a little more confusing to think through what my year might be like and what might be resolutions I could even reasonably try to accomplish.  I'm trying not to set too lofty of goals since I have no idea what being a parent will be like, other than I'm expecting less sleep and more diapers and a totally thrown off daily routine.  Acknowledging it will be crazy is part of the process right?  I'm thinking I need a resolution that's something like go with the flow.  Or be okay with a shorter to do list, or maybe no to do list for the day.   But, those are hard to measure and I like concrete things.  So I'm also thinking things like learn to use bobby pins, try cloth diapering, take my 6 month old to Europe for Thanksgiving.  Okay that one might be a little crazy, but I've been reading about it and "all" the websites say that's a good time to go.  They sleep through the night but they can't crawl off yet :).  I'll keep you posted on what I come with after I do a little more thinking and a little more writing in my journal and probably passing it by Spencer to see if he thinks they are crazy goals to have in our first year as parents, well at least parents of an infant that isn't residing inside me!

In the meantime, here's some proof of the lovely frivolity we had over Christmas break.  Lots of good food, lots of fun talking to family, hearing about life, eating more, playing games, watching British comedy, and did I mention eating?  Oh yeah and watching the hobbit and frequenting coffee shops and dreading having to start a baby registry at some time in the near future.  Sigh.  I guess I should add that to my list of things to do.  Why do babies need so much stuff?!! I'm the only one who feels slightly sick when I think about adding all that stuff to my life?  Okay maybe it's just me that doesn't find it all adorable and awesome haha.   

Spencer being crazy.

His dad being crazy.  Hmm I wonder where he gets it?

 And our new activity for the break: geo caching!!  I thought there was no way we were actually going to find a little film canister somewhere on the railroad tracks near the Katy Trail, but lo and behold there it was!  Under one of the old railroad ties and filled with a list of names of all the other crazies who had found it compliments of their gps systems on their iphones.  Yes we are those yuppies with five dollar lattes trying to find little treasures buried somewhere random.  And we enjoyed ever minute of it.  Well at least till we had to go to the bathroom and couldn't feel our fingers anymore.

Okay we're off to visit some new friends who have a 3 month old german shepherd puppy.  This is going to be bad.  Spencer has to keep reminding me, no puppies, we're having a baby!!  It will be so much better.  Or so they say ;).