Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just One of Those Days

So these past two weeks have been crazy. And I know I always say this haha, but seriously I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off at work. I have a bunch of unanswered - make that unread - emails, it takes me hours to be able to return phone calls, my lattes are cold before I even realize time has passed, and I have a list ten things long that probably should have been done on Friday but 5 oclock was there and it was time to head to the bar to wish a coworker farewell as he heads off into retirement. Odd how life passes right in front of your eyes.

Anyway, so today I have been very worn out and let's just say it was one of those days. It started out fine with a nice trip to the farmers market to grab veggies so I can try out my new dehydrator! Yep yep spencer surprised me with a dehydrator :). So right now I'm trying out a zuchinni and squash chip recipe. I'll let you know how they turn out! Oh right back to one of those days, so we got home from the market and Spencer started carnitas for tonight and I started making a tomato soup recipe to eat sometime later this week (I'm finding I really like cooking on Saturdays; it's relaxing and it makes the rest of the week a little less crazy). So the soup was all done simmering and I went to put it in the blender to make it smooth and creamy and then it all started.

So I went to blend it and all the steam put pressure on the blender lid and even though I was holding it down boiling hot tomato soup went flying all over the kitchen, all over my arm, all over my clothes and well you get the picture. So after washing off my arm and icing it down and changing clothes and Spencer helping me wipe red paste off the walls and counter and floor, we went to try it again (this time with the soup being a little cooler). Spencer held down the lid and I turned on the blender. Disaster strikes again. The little plastic part in the middle of the blender lid fell down into the blender and before we could turn the blender off little chunks of plastic were all blended in with my soup. At this point I cried. Mostly because it all happened so fast and I had to unplug the blender to get it to stop and my soup was ruined and my arm was burned and my blender was broken and well yeah I just cried. So we tried to get all the plastic chunks out but apparently our blender works really well, even on plastic! There are tiny pieces all throughout my soup. So I bought a really fine strainer and hopefully I'll still be able to eat it!

Okay so then it was off to pedicures with my work buddies. That part was nice :). I got home a few hours later and found Spencer in the bathroom washing gasoline out of his eye. Yeah apparently he had been mowing the lawn and it shot a three foot stream of gasoline all over him and into his eye. Thankfully he got it rinsed out quick and it looks like no biggie. But still just add that too the list.

Then Spencer went out to finish mowing and I moved on to cleaning the house. I cleaned up the soup mess and put up the mail and threw Spencer's gasoline clothes in the wash. Yeah well 30 minutes later Spencer came back inside and yep did you guess it? I put his iphone through the wash. So yeah you guessed it I cried again. The verdict is still ou it's sitting in a bag of rice drying, we'll see if he'll move on to iphone number 3.

So yeah one of those days. Too many things gone wrong for a brain already exhausted. Tonight should be better. Carnitas with Dmac and Libby and Gregg :). And hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to each my zuchinni chips and my strained tomato soup haha.