Friday, August 28, 2009

Uninformed Architect Wanna Be's

Okay so we're eating lunch with the contractor today to iron out some details. In the last few days, we've found out the bank needs more information than we were originally thinking. Besides an estimate on what all the repairs would cost, they also need "plans and specs" to approve us for a construction loan, which is apparently alot more specific than we had been anticipating. So . . . . I've been drawing up some plans ~ okay who am I kidding? I am not an architect or a designer :). Although I was remembering at one time I did want to be an architect, maybe I just never got rid of the itch? I'll just call it sketching for now. I'll see if I can scan them in some time soon.

Hopefully after lunch today we'll completely enlightened on the process and what all is necessary to obtain a construction loan . . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreaming . . .

Okay so we walked through the house with the contractor yesterday afternoon, so that he could get a better idea of what we wanted. He threw around some numbers on how much things would cost, but he's supposed to get us the final numbers sometime this week! In the mean time it looks like we need to figure out what we want the kitchen to look like and how much money we want to spend on it. We could stick with the cabinets that are already there, but they aren't the greatest and there aren't enough to fill the whole kitchen so we'd have to find some to match them. Here are some of my brainstorming ideas on kitchens. And yes I do realize that these are all much larger than our kitchen would be :). I can still like parts of them though!

I like the cabinets in this one, and how light and open it feels.

I like the wall design in this one.

Okay more later!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waiting on the estimates . . .

Alright we're still waiting on the plans from the contractor. We're supposed to get them tomorrow!!! Here's a few pictures of the outside in the meantime . . .

Lovely gaping hole next to the utility meters. Maybe there's buried treasure under the house?!

Garage/shed/apartment out back. There actually is a toilet in here, so if anyone wants to come stay with us, let us know and we'll fix it up too :).

And . . . . sweet ivy on the chimney!!
Oh also, it looks like we might walk through a few more houses in Brady Heights that are for sale. We'll post pics if we like them :).