Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is It Saturday Yet?!!!

So Saturday I'm headed to Dallas for a much needed girls' trip.  The kind with no agenda other than drinking margaritas, shopping, sleeping in and not carrying a diaper bag or a baby.

Today was just one of the days.  So full of ups and downs that it makes you feel a little (ok maybe alot) bipolar.  Is there another word for that, that doesn't make light of the actual condition?  Okay anyway Spencer went to St. Louis yesterday for a one day conference.  Just a one day conference and I really thought no biggie.  Until last night around 6 pm Noah started screaming when I put him in his car seat to go get pizza and a salad for sharing with a girl from church who was going to keep me company.  He kept screaming the whole time I was in the car running errands for over 45 minutes.  He screamed on the way to drop off Tara.  He screamed on the way to get pizza.  Stopped screaming only briefly while we walked in to get pizza (thank goodness).  Screamed on the way to the liquor store.  I left him screaming in the car to get a bottle of wine - don't worry I left the car running, locked the doors and the store has giant picture windows and I was literally no more than 20 ft. from the car at all times.  Screamed the whole way home. Screamed through eating his pizza (that should have been a tip off). Fussed his way through a half a bottle.  Screamed in his crib.  Slept one hour and then woke up screaming again!  I rocked him to sleep thinking shoot this tooth is a doosy and then he slept through the night.

Whew I thought okay that was crazy but we'll be okay.  So then I woke up this morning and Noah was all happy and smiley and back to his normal self.  Almost.  There was stuff coming out of his ear!!!  Like crusty gross brown stuff out of the same ear he had an ear infection in less than two weeks ago.  So I decide to call the doctor, but I have to wait till 8 for the office to open so I proceed to get ready to go to coffee with a friend and Noah is crawling around in his diaper happily.  Then I see poop on his leg (sorry should have said this post contains gross baby stuff haha).  So we have an impromptu bath at 8:15 am.  I go to get him dressed and think man the room still smells like poop!  Then I see the pile of poop on the floor.  And I'm thinking this is almost funny it's not even 8:30 in the morning yet!!!!!  Clean up the poop.  Run out the door to meet my friend.  Sit in the car outside the coffee shop and make a doctor's appointment for 10 am.

All the while I'm remembering that I have a business charity lunch I'm supposed to be at, at the nicest country club in tulsa (think yearly fees more than what most cars cost) by 11:30 am.  And I have to look country club cute whatever that means.  So I go to coffee, then run home, grab my version of country club cute and throw on my boots with heels thinking this will be one less thing to have to worry about last minute after the doctor's appointment (also Tulsa is having that crazy weather where at 8 am I want to wear Uggs and by 10 I'm sweating and wishing I had on flipflops).  So I get to the doctor's office with about seven minutes to spare.  I hurry up and grab all my stuff, walk in the door, and promptly completely wipe out from my boots with heels in front of a big picture window into the doctor's office waiting room.  Again I'm almost laughing but now also almost crying considering I almost dropped Noah in front of the doctor's office and instead slammed my knee and palm into the ground to keep from totally flailing.

We get in the exam room and Noah poops again.  I rummage through my bag and go figure I have no diapers left - I feel like I should have been on Punked!  Did anyone even watch that?! Haha.  So I find the nurse, admit I have no diaper, she's totally sweet about it and pulls one out of giant cabinet of diapers.  We finally see the doctor at 10:40 and yep he has a ruptured ear drum.  And we leave for Ireland in 16 days.  The meds take 10 days and we have already done one round that didn't work, but I didn't really have time to even think about that today.

So then I rush to Shari's, drop off Noah, change clothes, rush over to the country club, have my car valet parked (note to self don't do this when you have no cash and no idea what to tip a free valet man), and get inside just to sit down for the luncheon.  And then the speaker is a woman who was homeless.  homeless.  and then finished high school and went to Harvard.  Talk about perspective.  And all the while they are also talking women changing the world and I'm on the verge of crying from exhaustion and stress and feeling like I know in my head taking Noah to the doctor is changing his world but it's a far cry from graduating TU and getting a fancy job in an office with a view.

The afternoon was better.  Noah slept some and then we walked around the Brady District soaking up some sun and window shopping oh and picking up some veggie toppings from a downtown market for pizza tomorrow!!  I feel so hipster with my baby in an ergo picking up a few groceries from the urban market haha.  Oh and I was also carrying a barista made latte in the other hand.  Yes I can rock the ergo and a latte and groceries - that is my talent these days :).  Okay that really wasn't supposed to be tongue in cheek, it really is hard to do all those at once!  We had a nice dinner of leftover salad and pizza (me) and watermelon (Noah - who refused to eat the avocado I also put on his tray) and then I let Noah play in the kitchen while I wrote part of this blog and cleaned up dishes and laundry.

And now he's sleeping.   And I can take a shower in peace.  And work on a powerpoint in peace.  And think about how I'm happy I'm not homeless, okay really I'll be thinking about how I'm happy I'm going on a girls' trip in two days.  I can't quite handle the thankfulness for not being homeless today, maybe tomorrow.  


  1. WHOA you had an epic day...
    women changing the world! I love it! sign me up!

  2. And sorry you fell and Noah pooped so much and has a ruptured ear drum. I hope Ireland treats you better....

  3. Whoa my gracious, Jenny. Yes, bipolar is definitely the word for it. Non-stop screaming is so stress-inducing. Sorry you had such a crazy time, and fell! :(
    You're awesome though. Hope you have a great weekend!