Friday, April 25, 2014

Beautiful Day

Noah decided to take a two hour nap this afternoon which he never does anymore.  And it's amazing.  I finished up my part time work yesterday (only three weeks till I'm back in the office full time!!) and we were pretty much all packed last night other than one more round of cleaning out the car and unloading the dishwasher so I've had time to pick up clutter and load the suitcases in the car and take a shower and read a chapter of my book for the plane.

And it's beautiful outside.  And this morning I drank a latte and shared a fruit cup with Noah at Topeca.  Then we planted tomatoes and a pepper and Noah got wet in the sprinkler when I was cleaning up the garden tools.  Then we dropped off a baby swing with a friend who's five days away from her due date and as I was pulling away I thought wow am I glad I don't have a newborn right now.  My memory of those sleepless nights and complete confusion and upheaval of my life is still too fresh.  Okay wait back to our beautiful day.  After that we had a picnic outside Whole Foods with another fruit cup and some delicious kale greens cakes - Noah loves them almost as much as me, I'm not even kidding!  Although to be fair he loves blueberries and blackberries way more than kale cakes.  Then we hit up the sale rack at lululemon and found a good deal on some long sleeve super comfy pullovers that will be perfect for the long plane ride :).  And I do realize a good deal is relative :).  We enjoyed a little more sunshine at Utica Square while we waited on ear infection medication just in case something goes wrong while we are over the ocean, but so far Noah seems good to go and the Dr. said he's ear drum was all healed up when we saw her on Monday.

So yes it was a lovely day and I wasn't even expecting it.  I was expecting the trip excitement to be the best part but actually we've just had quite a beautiful day enjoying the sunshine and enjoying some mommy son bonding over a couple of fruit bowls. Haha wow cue the cheesy music.  Oh wait it's already playing in the background on Spotify.  Thank you Better Than Ezra for "Crazy Lucky" even if you did rhyme "it" with "s&*%" (they bleep it out in the song . . .) and still get paid to write music.

Sprinkler baby.

Fruit bowl loving baby.

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  1. I miss that baby and I miss you! And I hope you have an amazing time in Ireland.I'm thinking of you and praying Noah does ok on the plane. I need you to keep track of what you like, because it looks like Dad and I are going to have 10 days there, so...