Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost There!!

We leave for Ireland tomorrow night!!!  It feels a little surreal now that it's actually happening.  I think we're ready but there's always that last minute nagging feeling that you are forgetting something.  I've been putting things on sticky notes all day.  Nothing too major, just things like grab hair bands or get Noah's PJ's out of the dryer before we leave.  Babies make your packing list so much longer!  And it's way more overwhelming thinking about forgetting something.  I'm fine if I don't have a clean shirt when I step off the plane in London but if Noah has a blowout mid flight and we're not prepared that's a different story.

But I mean look at that face- it's going to be a good trip.  We're going to hike and cook food in our cottage by the sea and drink whiskey and read and hopefully it won't rain every day.  And we'll be together for 10 days without bills to pay or a job to go to or toys to pick up.  And it'll be green.  And we'll see castles.

Now if this little mischievous man would sleep the whole flight over we'd be happy campers.  It's going to be his nighttime but as the lady at the gym told me this week, he is go go go all the time!!  He's a happy little guy but he does not like to sit still!  Good thing his Gigi got him some new toys for plane ride and I got a roll of painters tape after reading on a blog that it can entertain for hours with no mess.  Ireland here we come!!!

But not before a little Irish Apple Cake I decided to whip up to get us in the mood!

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