Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Lately

Well I'm three weeks into working full time, at least full time in the office.  In a lot of ways it's much easier than being home with Noah all day.  I can go to the bathroom when I want and without a small human hanging on my leg.  I can eat lunch approximately when I want to (unless I'm called into a lunch meeting which happened multiple times this week).  I have a to do list and for the most part I'm the only one determining whether or not it gets done in a timely matter.  How much I accomplish isn't dictated by Noah, it's dictated by myself with the occasional input from my boss.  I realize as I'm writing this I have a pretty autonomous job and that it wouldn't be this way at every job, but for me I do pretty much decide what I spend my time on.  Oh and I can walk to get coffee when I need a break.  And I can work out on my lunch break.  And I can leave in the morning without putting much thought into what is packed in my purse.  As long as I have my keys and my money I should be fine till five o'clock.

On the flip side it's tricky trying to squeeze the rest of my to do list into a few hours after work.  And that doesn't even include the fact that I'd like to spend time with Noah enjoying him and doing things that are enjoyable for him instead of just running a million errands.  That and I still want time with Spencer.  Thank goodness for babies that go to bed at 7:30 pm.  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do when Noah wants to stay up till 9!!  I feel like we are adjusting pretty well though.  I try to throw in a load of laundry whenever I think about it, especially on the weekends.  We'll fold it while watching a show on netflix or amazon prime after Noah's sleeping.  We've been getting groceries on Sunday afternoons which makes for a fun little outing with Noah, and I just try and do a little picking up every night before going to bed.  Plus, Kathryn keeps the house pretty clean throughout the day anyway!  So it's really just mine and Spencer's messes we are cleaning up at night, not Noah's piles of toys.

So it might still be too early to tell, but I think this is going to work for us.  At least for the immediate future.  Noah gets to be Kathryn's little buddy for the summer and when she has PhD stuff Gigi and Pops get him, so seriously it doesn't get much better than that :).  And I get to use my brain and interact with adults and make some money and carry a purse and when I get home at the end of the day I'm excited to see Noah and hang out with him and Spencer instead of being worn down from being alone with Noah all day and wanting a break from him.

Also one other thing!! They switched our schedule to 9 hours monday through thursday with a half day on Friday!! I think it's going to be pretty awesome once I figure out how I'm ever going to cook dinner after that long of a day.  I'll get to have lunch with Noah every Friday and then spend the afternoon hanging out with him and hopefully still get to take trips to the zoo and the splashpad with other moms.  And plus it gives me a little down time when he's napping - like right now :).  I prayed during the process of thinking about coming to work that it would be really clear whether or not I was supposed to be working again in the office and so far all signs are pointing to yes.  Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

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